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low water and low ph

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Q: What is the pH and water activity in sprouts. Is it low PH AND low water activity?
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What is the pH and water activity in sprouts?

high water activity neutral ph

Who bottles water for Sprouts grocery store and what is the PH level?


Is vineger sea water and distilled water low or high in PH?

They all have a low pH, distilled water has a pH of around 7 and vinegar is an acid along with seawater making them below seven.

If an enzyme is exposed to an unfavorable pH?

Enzymes shows different enzyme activity in different pH value.If the pH is high or low than the optimum pH there is a decrease in the activity of the enzyme.But if the pH is very high or very low it may lead to the deactivation of the enzyme.

What foods have a low ph acidity?


What happens to enzymes at a low pH?

The activity of the enzymes depends on the specific pH needed.

How does pH level affects the river?

They affect the river by changing the temperature of the water, if the pH levels are high then the water is warmer and if the pH levels are low then the water is cold.

What is sprouts pH?

Generally the juice of vegetables is under 7.

Will gravy go bad if not refrigerated?

Yes, gravy will go bad if not refrigerated. The pH and water activity are not low enough to make it shelf stable without a canning process.

Is ammonia low pH?

Ammonia is a basic gas. It shows high ph if it is dissolved in water.

How you guess that the pH of water is low?

Maybe the water has some CO2 dissolved in it.

What causes rain water to have a low pH?

Low pH rain water is caused by pollutants in the air that create acids when they come in contact with water. Many of the pollutants are from burning fossil fuels such as coal.