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Q: What is the pH for each dilution tested example NH4OH aq?
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How isotope dilution is used to determine blood volumes in living animals?

Isotope dilution is used to determine blood volumes in living animals by predicting their isotope numbers. An example is the radioactive isotopes have a 1/2 life and that would mean it goes down by half each time.

Phenol coefficient test in microbiology?

Phenol coefficient test is best known screening test in which potency of a disinfactant is compared with that of phenol. A series of a dilutions of phenol and the disinfactant being tested are prepared. A standard amount of Salmonella tyhpii and Staphylococcus aureus are added to each dilution; the dilutions are then placed in a 20 to 37oC water bath. At 5-minute intervas, samples are withdrawn from each dilution and used to inoculate a growth medium, which is incubated for two or more days and then examined the growth. If there is no growth in the growth medium, the dilution at that particular time of sampling killed the bacteria. The highest dilution that kills the bacteria after 1o min. expousre, but not at 5min. is used to calculate the phenol coefficient. This is done by dividing the resiprocal of the appropriate phenol dilution.

About how many animals are tested on each day?

About 40,354 animals get tested on each day including dogs,cats,guineapigs,hamsters and rabbits. That's not including the 17,739 mice that are tested on.

If a bottle of concentrated HCL if placed next to a bottle of concentrated NH4OH what is the white residue that eventually coats each bottle?

NH4Cl - Ammonium Chloride

How are diapers tested?

It's a different method for each test the diaper is being tested on.

How many atoms of hydrogen are in one molecule of ammonum hydroxide?

Ammonium hydroxide does not technically exist as molecules, but its formula unit is NH4OH, which has five atoms of hydrogen in each formula unit.

What does CPT code 87186 stand for?

Susceptibility studies, antimicrobial agent; microdilution or agar dilution, each multi-antimicrobial, per plate

What are the effects of oil spilling in the ocean or seas?

The main effects are damage to marine and riverine flora and fauna. On the side, each year millions of barrels naturally leak from the ocean's bed into the Gulf of Mexico, for example. Nature does have means in coping with such releases naturally through dilution and oil digesting bacteria.

What is the independent variable being tested in an experiment?

It is the thing that changes on each measurement in an experiment.

Draw an example of each polygon How many sides and vertices does each one have?

draw an example of each polygon

Why the sample need dilution?

Dilution is done to decrease the amount of colonies found in the plates. If the solution is not diluted, it would be difficult to count the number of colonies because they would all overlap one another. So by dilution, we can limit the amount of colonies overlapping each other, count them, and used this number to estimate the number of bacteria in the original sample.

What is a grounded analysis?

A grounded analysis is the one which is based on actual evidence, and where each detail and each item of data is accurately tested and confirmed.