What is the pH in the human skin?

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6.8 on average. Women's skin has a slightly lower pH than men's.
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Why does your skin have pH?

PH levels are the identifying factors used by the body to displaythe level of bacteria resistant properties the skin possesses. PHlevels are used to determine the acidic or al

What pH levels are safe for skin?

Actually, I was looking for the answer to this question. So far I know that household vinegar has a pH of 2.3. It stings cuts, but does not do real damage. For cleaning minera

What is the pH of skin?

A normal pH level in the human body is about 7.4, fairly neutral. The pH of skin in an adult should be around 5.4.

What is the natural pH of the hair and skin?

The pH of hair, skin, and nails is 4.5 - 5.5. ............ 4.5 is almost the pH of draino, i think who ever said it was 4.5 - 5.5 is way off their nut. here's a tip, talk to y