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I'm not sure what pH the apple has, but lemon juice has a pH of 2.

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Q: What is the pH level of an apple with lemon juice on it?
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What is the classification of lemon juice with pH level 1.0?

Nonexistent--pure lemon juice is pH 2.3.

What is the acid level of vinegar?

the acid level of lemon juice is less then that of coke or lemon juice. Its pH level is 3, while coke is 2.5 and lemon juice is 2.

What has the same pH level as vinegar?

Vinegar has a pH range of about 2.4 - 3.4. Apple juice: 2.9 - 3.3 Grapefruit juice: 3 - 3.3 Lemon juice: 2.3 Orange juice: 3 - 4

Can you substitute kumquat juice for lemon juice in canning?

No you cannot. Lemon juice is used to achieve a specific ph in the finished product to avoid spoilage. The lemon juice should be bottled not squeezed fresh as bottled juice has a specific ph level, fresh fruit varies in its ph level by brand and ripeness of lemon.

What is the pH value of lemon juice?

The pH value of lemon juice is 2.about pH = 2 to 2.5

What is the pH value of Juice(lemon)?

The pH value of the juice lemon is under 7.

PH value of lemon juice?

Lemon juice has a pH of around 2.3 which is acidic because the juice in the lemon is very acidic.

What is the acid level of lemon juice?

Mass percentage about 0.3% citric acid, gives pH value of about 2.1 - 2.5

Does a lemon or apple have a higher pH level to light up a light bulb?

A lemon has a lower pH due to its higher acidic quality

Would lemon juice have a pH close to 7?

No. Lemon juice is acidic, so it will have a lower pH.

Is lemon juice above 7 or below 7 on the pH scale?

Lemon and juice are acids, so they would be on the higher end of the pH scale.

What fruit has the highest pH level?

concentrated lemon juice has a pH of about 3 making it the most acidic fruit