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According to Jain, Nihill, Sobkowski, and Agustin, in Commercial soft drinks: pH and in vitro dissolution of enamel (General Dentistry, March/April 2007 , Volume 55 , Issue 2 - cola drinks fell into a pH range of approximately 2.4 - 3.3 (with most being below pH 3.0) whilst non-colas had a pH range of approximately 2.9 - 3.7 (all but one measured was over pH 3.0). Iced teas came in at around pH 2.9

Here are a selection of the pH values measured:

Coke 2.525

Diet Coke 3.289

Pepsi 2.530

Diet Pepsi 3.031

Cherry Coke 2.522

RC Cola 2.387

Mountain Dew 3.229

Diet Mountain Dew 3.365

Dr. Pepper 2.899

Diet Dr. Pepper 3.169

Squirt 2.898

7-Up 3.202

Diet 7-Up 3.706

Sprite 3.298

Mug Root Beer 4.038

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Q: What is the pH of carbonated beverages?
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