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pH 6-9

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Q: What is the pH value recommended for cleaning carpets and furniture textiles?
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Does carpet vacuuming or steam cleaning carpets get rid of the norovirus?

Steam will kill any number of things in your carpets and furniture, including the norovirus. If you have a concern with the norovirus, use heat or chlorine- based disinfectants. Alcohol and detergents won't work!

What additional services do carpet cleaning companies in Grand Rapids offer?

Carpet cleaning companies clean carpets and floors but they also offer other services. This includes steam cleaning your furniture and curtains. Check your local carpet service for further information.

What is the difference between steam cleaning carpets and regular cleaning of carpets?

Steam cleaning wand emits hot water and a cleaning solution, and then a wastewater hose sucks the cleaning solution out of the carpeting while the regular cleaning is thoroughly vacuum the carpet.

What is important trade items in ancient Iran?

Minerals and crafted goods such as textiles and carpets.

What type of animal is a Dyson?

A Dyson is not an animal. There is a Dyson Animal vacuum. It is an upright ball vacuum that comes with seven on-board attachments for cleaning everything from carpets to blinds, steps and furniture.

What is a stanely steamer and where do I get one?

Stanley Steamers are a steaming company. They specialize in cleaning carpets, tiles, grout, furniture, leather, area rugs, autos, boats, RV's, and air ducts.

How will you be able to get regular cleaning of your carpets and sofas?


Do any carpet cleaning companies steam clean without using chemicals?

Carpet cleaning companies use various chemicals for cleaning carpets. These procedures are similar to dry cleaning. They also use various shampoos to clean carpets.

What are spiral wound tubes used for?

A spiral wound tubing is used for the productionof carpets and textiles.

How to Prepare for Cleaning Carpets?

Your first move should be to cleaning the clutter. You should examine your carpets closely and try to spot loose objects that can cause someone to get injured. These objects will also make a room less attractive. Second thing you should do is to make sure the carpeting is in quite good condition. Again you should check your carpets closely and look for signs of torn edges, upturned corners and threaded areas, just to name a few. If the carpets require repairs, you should contact with a good carpet repair service to have them fixed. Remember: cleaning carpets with torn edges can cause further damage. So, it is highly recommended to have them repaired first.

What services do Allied Carpets provide?

There are many businesses with the name Allied Carpets in the United States. Most of these businesses offer carpet cleaning services, as well as tile cleaning services.

What do carpet cleaning extractors do?

Carpet cleaning extractors, also known as carpet extractors or steam cleaners, are specialized machines designed for deep cleaning and extracting dirt, stains, and moisture from carpets and upholstery. These machines use a combination of hot water, cleaning solution, and suction to effectively clean and refresh carpets. Here's an overview of what carpet cleaning extractors do: Injection of Cleaning Solution: Carpet cleaning extractors have a reservoir or tank for holding a cleaning solution. The machine injects a mixture of hot water and the cleaning solution into the carpet fibers under pressure. Agitation: Some carpet extractors are equipped with brushes or agitating mechanisms that help scrub and agitate the carpet fibers. This agitation helps loosen and break up dirt, stains, and debris embedded in the carpet. Dwell Time: The cleaning solution needs some time to penetrate and break down stains and soils. The extractor may allow the cleaning solution to dwell on the carpet for a brief period to enhance its effectiveness. Extraction and Suction: After the cleaning solution has had time to work, the extractor uses a powerful vacuum or suction mechanism to extract the dirty water from the carpet. This process not only removes the cleaning solution but also lifts away dirt, allergens, and contaminants from the carpet fibers. Recovery Tank: Extractors have a separate tank, known as the recovery tank, where the extracted dirty water is collected. This tank prevents the dirty water from being reintroduced to the carpet. Adjustable Pressure and Temperature: Many carpet cleaning extractors allow users to adjust the pressure and temperature of the cleaning solution. This flexibility is useful for adapting to different carpet types, levels of soiling, and cleaning requirements. Dual Tanks: Some extractors feature dual tanks—one for clean water and cleaning solution and another for the recovered dirty water. This separation helps maintain the effectiveness of the cleaning solution. Portable and Truck-Mounted Options: Carpet extractors come in both portable and truck-mounted configurations. Portable extractors are versatile and can be moved around easily, while truck-mounted systems are typically more powerful and suitable for large-scale cleaning in commercial settings. Carpet Grooming: Some carpet extractors come equipped with brushes or grooming attachments that help lift and align carpet fibers, leaving the carpet looking well-groomed and enhancing its overall appearance. Carpet cleaning extractors are widely used in residential and commercial settings to maintain and restore the cleanliness of carpets. Regular use of carpet extractors can contribute to a healthier indoor environment by removing allergens, dirt, and contaminants from the carpet fibers.