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Payload is carried in the Space Shuttle's Payload Bay. The payload bay is situated behind the crew cabin, in the middle of the orbiter. It is 60 ft long and 15 ft wide. The payload bay has two large doors that open once the shuttle reaches orbit. On the inner side of these doors are radiators which help cool the shuttle. Inside the payload bay, there are latches to hold satellites, space station components, experiments, and other objects in place. The payload bay also holds the space shuttle's remote manipulating system (RMS), KU-band antenna, and several cameras and lights. The space shuttle is capable of carrying about 65,000 pounds of cargo in the payload bay.

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Q: What is the part of a shuttle that carries the payload?
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What is the payload of a space shuttle.?

The payload of a rocket is usually located in the nose cone.

What is the maximum payload the space shuttle can carry?

The Shuttle can also carry a 65,000 payload.

How do space shuttles get payload off Earth?

Pay load is the total weight of the instruments, passengers, crew, and life-support systems that a space shuttle carries or can carry. The usual payload capacity for the space shuttle is 22,700 kilograms, but it can be raised depending on the choice of launch arrangement. Pay loads get off the earth by being launched in to orbit with either two different booster stages. The space shuttle gets the payload of the earth by using fuel tanks. The payload is attached to the space shuttle and is carried onto it when going into space.

What is the advantage of the space shuttle?

The shuttle has a large payload and it is reusable.

What is meant by payload for aircraft?

The payload is the cargo that it carries.

What is another word for payload in space shuttle?


How do space shuttles get payload back to earth?

When the space shuttle goes through the atmosphere, the space shuttle can then by itself land safely because no fuel will be needed. You can use the atmosphere of the earth to slow the space shuttle down allowing it land safely with the payload. The payload will still be on the space shuttle because it won't be removed, only the equipment will be removed from the space shuttle. The shuttle has to do no work whatsoever when bringing it back to earth because it won't be needing fuel when landing on earth.

WHAT are the payload bay doors in space shuttle?

They are two long, narrow doors in the belly of the shuttle that open to allow the crew do move whatever is in the cargo bay out into space. Best example: The fabulous Hubble Space Telescope was unloaded out of the shuttle through the payload bay doors.

What jobs make up a space shuttle crew?

The space shuttle generally has a commander, a pilot, mission specialists, and payload specialists.

How much space does it have in a space shuttle?

Enough to carry a bus in it's payload bay.

Who makes up the crew on a shuttle?

Commander, Pilot, Mission Specialists, Payload Specialists, Landing

What is a shuttle?

A shuttle is the part of a loom that carries the weft thread. It travels very fast from one side of the warp to the other and back again. In transport terms, a shuttle is a service that goes from a to b and back to A, usually without stopping. le Shuttle is the French name for the service which carries cars and trucks through Eurotunnel. There are also airport shuttles in Paris, plying between hotels and airports.