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I do not know the Answer however check on the PRMC forum on the Royal Marine Website and PM Ninja_Stoker he will give you the information

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Q: What is the pass rate for royal marines officers?
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What do Navy Officers use as an occupational code such as Army and Marines would use an MOS or USAF using AFSC's?


Are the royal marines the best force in the world?

It is impossible to rate any military force as the all-around best because the jobs they are trained/equipped to do are different, and based on the needs of a particular country. However, within the mission parameters of the Royal Marines, I am aware of none better. USMC is as good as the Royal Marines

Why don't marine officers rate good conduct medal?

Marine Officers are expected to always conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion. If they do behave poorly then they are separated from the service whereas enlisted Marines may make mistakes and stay in depending on how bad the mistake was.

How much does an E-11 grade earn in a year in the Marines?

There is no such rate in the Marines or any branch of service.

What is the death rate of us marines today?

None Marines dont die. We just go to hell an regroup

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Who is authorized to wear rank or rate insignias on the garrison cap?

Cadet Officers

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