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Q: What is the password for the LEGO club?
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LEGO code and password for LEGO club?

Sorry, I can't tell you.

What is the Lego Club code?

The password now is MAG

How do you get a LEGO club magazine on my LEGO network?

You subsrice to club lego using your acount.

How do you make a LEGO club page?

Unless you work for the Lego Club, you can't really makea Lego Club page.

What is the club code of LEGO Ninjago in the LEGO club magazine?


What is the Lego club code for Lego?

A lego club code is a code you find in a lego club magazine and type in on the website. The codes unlock special online prizez.

When you install LEGO universe what is the password you need?

Simply go on to the lego website and sign up for a Lego account. Use that username and password to log in.

How do you activate LEGO Universe?

You use your Lego ID and password.

How to get LEGO club magazine module on my LEGO network?

You have to be a Lego club member in order to get Lego club magazine module on my Lego network. you do this by either getting the actual magazine or going to Lego club and typing in MAGAWARD. then make the badge, befriend Max, and trade on his page. Lego Network Username: Nathan6342

What is the name of the LEGO club mascot?

The name of the LEGO Club mascot is Max.

Is the LEGO club closed for ever?

What are you talking about? Lego club is still open!

What is the LEGO club mascots name?

The name of the LEGO Club mascot is Max.