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The simple past tense is "needed"

The past continuous tense is "was/were needing"


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The past tense is schooled. The past continuous tense is 'was/were schooling'.

Past TensePast Continuous TensePast Perfect TensePast Perfect Continuous Tense

Simple past tense - Awoke. Past continuous tense - I/he/she/it was awaking. You/we were awaking.

Past tense - read. Past continuous tense - was/were reading.

The past continuous tense of get is:I/He/She/It was getting.You/We/They were getting.

The past continuous tense is: was/were appearing.

The past continuous tense of be is:I/She/He/It was being.You/We/They were being.

Simple past tense. Past perfect tense. Past perfect continuous tense. Past continuous tense.

The past continuous tense is was/were having.I/He/She/It was havingWe/You/They were having

past = wentpast continuous = was going or were going.

The past continuous tense of study is:I/He/She/It was studying.You/We/They were studying.

The past continuous tense of fight is:I/He/She/It was fighting.You/We/They were fighting.

The past continuous tense of pitch is:I/He/She/It was pitching.You/We/They were pitching.

The past continuous tense of drive is:I/He/She/It was driving.You/We/They were driving.

The past continuous tense of meet is:I/He/She/It was meeting.You/We/They were meeting.

The past continuous tense of buy is:I/He/She/It was buying.You/We/They were buying.

Simple past tense. Past perfect tense. Past continuous tense.

Past tense - dealt. Past continuous tense - was/were dealing. hi...dear my all friend in this site I have got some problems with my english?one of all, such as: manner to know paragraph with past continuous tense

1)Simple Present Tense, 2)Simple Past Tense, 3)Simple Future Tense, 4)Present Continuous Tense, 5)Past Continuous Tense, 6)Future Continuous Tense, 7)Presnt Perfect Tense, 8)Past Perfect Tense, 9)Future Perfect Tense, 10)Present Perfect Continuous Tense, 11)Past Perfect Continuous Tense, 12)Future Perfect Continuous Tense.

"Were finding" is the past continuous tense.

There are four types of past tense:Simple past tensePast perfect tensePast continuous tensePast perfect continuous tenseIf you are referring to the two different types of verbs then they are regular and irregular.

Past continuous tense:Was/Were seeing.Present continuous tense:I am seeing.You/we/they are seeing.He/she/it is seeing.Future continuous tense:Will be seeing.

Past perfect tense, past perfect continuous tense, present perfect tense, present perfect continuous tense, future perfect tense and future perfect continuous tense.

Yes, was dancing is past continuous.

The general present tense is "Recall". Simple present is "Recalls". Present continuous tense is "Am/is/are recalling". Present perfect tense is "has/have recalled" and present perfect continuous tense is "Has/have been recalling". The general past tense is "recalled". Simple past - "Recalled". Past continuous- "Was recalling/ were recalling". Past perfect - "Had recalled". Past perfect continuous- "Had been recalling".

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