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Rs. 5200-20200+GP Rs.1900

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Q: What is the pay scale for artist in sixth pay commission?
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What is the expected pay scale of Railway staff in sixth pay commission?

give me dade of 6th pay commission 1-1-06

Latest 6th pay commission pay scale?

when will be the sixth pay commission declared is it benefit for group c officer s central govt services

What is the new pay scale of Sr Commercial Clerk in Indian Railways as per sixth pay commission?

What is the new pay scale of Sr Commercial Clerk in Indian Railways as per sixth pay commissionRead more: What_is_the_new_pay_scale_of_Sr_Commercial_Clerk_in_Indian_Railways_as_per_sixth_pay_commission

Nurses pay scales in sixth pay commission?

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What is the replacement pay scale in the Sixth Pay Commission for 7500-10000?

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When was Sixth Central Pay Commission created?

Sixth Central Pay Commission was created in 2006.

What is the latest pay scale of UDC as per sixth pay commission?

the pay scale of udc on implementation of 6th CPC is Pay Band - Rs. 5,200-20,200/- & Grade Pay - Rs. 2,400/-

New pension of honorary lieutenant commission in sixth pay commission?

new pension of honorary lieutenant in sixth pay commission

What will the pgt teacher grade after sixth pay commission?

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Where can you download the Sixth Pay Commission Report of India?

To download the Sixth Pay Commission Report, see the Related Link.

What is the position of AICTE sixth pay commission for polytechnic teachers?

teachers can ask the questions under section 6(1) , 7(1) of RTI act 2005 for which AICTE is bound to answer D.N.Jayaram

Where can you find information regarding the Sixth Pay Commission of railway staff?

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