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Q: What is the penalty for a high school senior in NJ who is accused of a saying an ethnic slur-bias crime to a teacher?
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Does a teacher's nationality effect student performance?

The ethnic background of a teacher has no influence on a student unless they have categorized that racial group.

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No amendment "challenges" the death penalty. The 8th Amendment has been used as a legal basis for challenging the constitutionality of the death penalty. The argument is that the 8th Amendment prohibits "cruel and unusual punishment" and that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and therefore is prohibited by the US Constitution. This argument was successful in earlier cases, not because the death penalty itself was cruel and unusual but because of the way it was administered. The death penalty is allowed if it is administered without racial or ethnic bias and in a non-cruel manner.

Why death penalty is not good in civilized society?

Actually, opinions on this vary. But the tendency, nowadays, is that a majority of people think that the death penalty is uncivilized. Some arguments against the death penalty is that it is used disproportionately against ethnic minorities (for example, black people in the United States), and that it is irreversible (and there have been many cases where people executed, or people who were planned to be executed, turned out to be innocent). For further arguments, both for and against the death penalty, I suggest you consult the Wikipedia article on "Death penalty".

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I am not an expert, but I have heard many times that ethnic minorities are disproportionately sentenced to death. It is not just the death penalty though - here in Britain, you are much more likely to be stopped and searched by the police if you are a young black man. As much progress as we think we've made, institutional racism is still rife.

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