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Firing squad at least that's what I heard.

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Q: What is the penalty for drunk driving in El Salvador?
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What is the penalty for drinking and driving in Elsalvador?

Drinking and driving is a dangerous thing to do, especially in El Salvador. The penalty for drinking and driving in El Salvador is death by firing squad for a first and only offense.

Is execution by firing squad the penalty for drunk driving in el salvador?

No. Under the law, a conviction for DUI results in license suspension and seizure of your vehicle. Additionally, police have the authority to arrest and fine you if your DUI incident is particularly grievous.

Los Angeles to el salvador?

The driving distance from Los Angeles, CA to El Salvador is about 2,830 miles.

What is the Driving distance from Dallas Texas to El Salvador?

About 1,945 miles.

What is the capital of El Salvador?

The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador.

What is El Salvador's nickname?

el salvador

Who won the war in el salvador?

El Salvador

Is there a Hollister in El Salvador?

There is not a Hollister in El Salvador.

IS El Salvador a City?

No. El Salvador is a country.

Is El Salvador free?

El Salvador is a Republic.

What is the adventist population in el salvador?

Central El Salvador Mission - 28,743 East El Salvador Conference - 52,347 Metropolitan El Salvador Conference - 36,338 Paracentral El Salvador Mission - 36,576

What is the national capitol of el salvador?

The capitol of the country of El Salvador is San Salvador.

What was the capital of el salvador?

San Salvador is the capital and largest city of El Salvador.

What is the major settlement on El Salvador?

San Salvador is the largest city in El Salvador.

What do you call people from El Salvador in Spanish?

el salvador

What is the literal meaning of el salvador?

El Salvador - The Saviour.

What type of government does El Salvador have?

El Salvador is a republic.

Was Carlos Hernรกndez born in El Salvador?

el salvador

What is the official name of El Salvador?

Republic of El Salvador.

What is el salvador's soccer team called?

el salvador

Which of these is the name of a country El Salvador or Antwerp?

el salvador

What did el salvador invent?

El Salvador invented pupusas

What is the other name for el salvador?

the repulic of el salvador

When was San Salvador El Salvador Temple created?

San Salvador El Salvador Temple was created in 2011.

What mountains are in El Salvador?

Yes El Salvador Does have Mountains, In fact most of El Salvador is mountainous. It has Volcanoes too.