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The organization has increased its staff by 50%, since 50% of 70 = 35, and 70 + 35 = 105.

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Q: What is the percent change when an organization's staff has changed from 70 members to 105 members?
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the percent change is how much something has increased or decreased by in percentage. e.g: 2 --> 3 is a 50% change because it has changed by 1 and 1 is 50% of 2

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66.7% It changed by 10. 10 is 66.7% of 15.

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Percent change is the percent amount some value has changed. It has phenomenal usage in every day math and in fields such as business. It's often used to calculate the percent difference in sales between years for business.

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What are the advantages of change in organizations?


Can an organization's structure be changed quickly?

No, an organization's structure cannot be changed quickly. Organizations must plan extensively in order to change their structure, including considering the risks associated with doing so.

If a group that has 460 members and 14 percent of the group voted to change it's bylaws and 16 percent voted against the change how many people did not vote?

70%, or approximately 322 people

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Simply multiply the number by 100 to change it into a percentage

When there is more than one percent change to a value can you just add the percent changes why?

No, because percentage changes are multiplicative, not additive. The second percentage change is not applied to the original amount but to the original amount after it has been changed by the first percentage change.

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The percent of change is -75%

If 120 is decreased to 90 what is the percent change?

The percent of change -25%

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what percent of change : from 280 to 126

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A percent is already a percent. No need to change it!

What impact does an organization's operating system have on its structure?

The structure of an organizations operating system is really impacted by the philosophy of the way an organization wishes to "operate". The two concepts are intertwined, and subject to change. In some circumstances, the structure of an organization can be changed based on the performance of its operating system. A break down in the operating system may cause the organizations structure to be changed.

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Change is often resisted within organizations. However, without change and the process of adapting to new environments, organizations will become stagnate and non-competitive.

Examples of informal organizations?

Informal organizations are less structured with a focus on practicality instead of formality. Informal organizations can run parallel or against formal organizations. An example of an informal organization would be a group of co-workers who all work together to change a feature of their workplace. Instead of having managers and employees, members of an informal organization are all equal and working toward a common goal.

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