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Perimeter is 300 yards. This is a length and is not measured in square feet which measure area. The area of this in square feet is 150 x 300 ie 45000 sq ft

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The perimeter of the square is 12 square units The perimeter of the square is 12 feet.

As long as you mean square yards, then: 1 square yard = 9 square feet 4077 square feet / 9 square feet per square yard = 453 square yards

A square with an area of 40 acres measures 440 yards on each side and the distance diagonally is 622.3 yards. The perimeter of the square is 1,760 yards long.

There are: 1760 times 6 = 5280 square yards after changing the feet into yards

That would be 400 square feet. A square yard is 9 square feet. Divide 400 by 9 and you get 44.4 Square yards.

The area would be 10,800 square feet. Divide by 9 will give you 1,200 square yards.

Assuming the figure is a perfect rectangle: There are three feet in one yard. Therefore, the long sides would be 210 / 3 = 70 yards long, and the shorter sides would be 180 / 3 = 60 yards long. Therefore, the perimeter would be (70 + 60) x 2 = 260 yards.

There is no definitive answer to this question. An acre is by definition 4840 square yards but the perimeter of an acre could vary. E.g. if the acre is a rectangle 22 yards by 220 - as traditionally defined - the perimeter is 484 yards. If the acre is a perfect square (square root of 4840 long) then the perimeter is 278 yards. The acre could just as well be traingular, trapeziodal or even circular...

30' x 5' (150 square feet) = 16.6 square yards.

1 square foot is 0.111 square yards. The floor area is 9feet x 21feet = 189 square feet. Therefore, the total square yards is: 189 square feet x 0.111 square yards/foot squared = 21 square yards Therefore, there is 21 square yards of floor.

None. How wide are your 200 feet? Call it n feet then square yards = 200n/9

The piece is 2 yards by 4 yards ie 8 square yards. Square yards is a measure of area and there are no yards (a measure of distance) in square yards.

(50 feet) x (125 feet) / (9 square feet per square yard) = 694 and 4/9 square yards

15'x33' (495 square feet) = 55 square yards of floor.

The area is 140 yards times 90 yards = 1260 square yards.A yard is three feet; a square yard is 9 square feetThe area of 1260 square yards is 1260 x 9 = 11340 square feet. if it is 140 yards long and 90 yards wide it will be 12600 sq yards and not 1260 sq yards and in sqauare feet it will be 113400.00000001134 square feet to know more visit assetventures and click on area convertorUmmmm. No ones a math maniac, like that person! English please!

22 feet. perimeter is the lenghth of all 4 sides of a square (box).