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The perimeter of a square with an area of 5,000 square yards is: 282.8 yards

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A square that has an area of four square yards would be two square yards on a side. Thus, the perimeter of such a square would be a total of eight yards.

If the area is 900 and it is square, then each side measure 30 yards. That means the perimeter is 30x4 or 120 yards.

Perimeter is 300 yards. This is a length and is not measured in square feet which measure area. The area of this in square feet is 150 x 300 ie 45000 sq ft

Each side of the dog pen will be 3 yards. There are four sides. Therefore, the perimeter will be 3 x 4 = 12 yards.

A "yard" is a unit of length or distance. It's not a unit of area. So "15 yd" could represent a perimeter,but it could not represent an area.I should be perimeter. Because if it was area i think it would be square yards

whenever you have something "squared" you are looking for the area

A playing area for field hockey, as specified by the International Hockey Federation, measures 100 yards by 60 yards (91.40 m x 55.00 m).Therefore the area is 6000 square yards = 1.24 acres (5027 square metres), and perimeter = 320 yards (292.80 metres).

A square with an area of 40 acres measures 440 yards on each side and the distance diagonally is 622.3 yards. The perimeter of the square is 1,760 yards long.

An acre is 4840 square yards. If the acre is a square, ie has all sides equal and all angles right angles, the length of a side is the square root of the area, ie 69.57 yards, so the perimeter is four times this, or 278.28 yards.

The perimeter of an area depends on its shape. Assuming a rectangular shape, the minimum perimeter is when it is square. The maximum perimeter is infinite when one edge is very long and the adjacent edge is very short. So, for a square, one side of a 5000 metre square area is the square root of the area which is 70.710678 metres. The perimeter would be 4 times that number or 282.84 metres. The very minimum perimeter, however, would be a circular area. using the formula pi times the radius squared equalling 5000. solving for R you wind up with a radius of 39.8942m. then the perimeter is equal to pi times the diameter, or 250.6628 meters as a very minimum perimeter.

There's no way of knowing unless we know the shape. 48 acres is 232320 square yards. That could be a patch of land 10 yards wide and 23232 yards long, making the perimeter 46484 yards. If it was a square it would be about 482 yards on a side, making the perimeter 1928 yards.

The area of a square is a function of the perimeter of the square.

If the area of a square is 12 the perimeter is: 13.86

A squares area is equal to the the square of one of the side lengths. Therefore √196*4=56 yards.

As an acre is a measure of area (a 2-dimensional object), a square acre is a 4-dimensional object; visualising 4-dimensional objects is not easy in our 3-dimensional space. -------------------------------- Assuming you meant a square area which is 9 acres in size, then: 1 acre = 4840 sq yds → 9 acres = 9 × 4840 sq yds = 43560 sq yds → a square with an area of 9 acres has a side length of √43560 yards ≈ 208.71 yards (perimeter of approx 834.84 yards) An area of 9 acres can have any shape you want. The smallest perimeter is when the 9 acres is circular in shape, in which case the perimeter is the circumference of the circle with area of 9 acres and is approx 739.86 yards long. Any other shape will have a perimeter that is longer than this. Other examples are a rectangle 9 yards wide and 4840 yards long (perimeter 9699 yards); a rectangle 198 yards wide (9 chains) by 220 yards long (1 furlong) (perimeter 836 yards).

When the area of a square is 36cm2, its perimeter is: 24 cm

The area of a square with perimeter 28cm is: 49 cm2

A square with an area of 400 square units has a perimeter of 80 units.

The area doesn't tell you the dimensions or the perimeter. It doesn't even tell you the shape. The shortest perimeter that could enclose that area would be a circle. The shortest perimeter with straight sides would be a square. If it's a rectangle, then there are an infinite number of them, all with different dimensions and different perimeters, that all have the same area.

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