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Paleontologist is the name for someone who studies fossils palentology is the science


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A person who works with and finds dinosaur bones professionally is called a Paleontologist.

A paleantologist is one who studies dinosaur bones and other fossils.

A person that hunts dinosaur bones is called a paleontologist.

He is a paleontologist which means that he studies dinosaur bones.

No, because dinosaur bones called fossils are the skeleton of a dinosaur. The skeleton is there because all dinosaurs are extinct.

I think a dinosaur has 985 bones

Dinosaur Bones was created in 2008.

You can make a dinosaur project by going into your backyard and looking for dinosaur bones. When you find the dinosaur bones you can determine what kind of bones they are as a project.

On what peninsula where dinosaur bones discovered?

A person who studies human bones may be known as an Osteologist. Physical anthropologists may also study human bones. People who study animal bones from archaeological sites are known as zooarchaeologists.

Because they died long ago

It would fall under the job description of an archaeologist in addition to the dinosaur hunting stereotype.

depends on the dinosaur

Dinosaur bones are found in sedimentary rock.

Person who studies fossils and prehistoric bones

They are called paleontologist, and practice paleontology.

Archaeologists are the people who look and dig at bones/ruins and see how old they are or recognize what they are a part of.

they are called paleontologists

1. Jellyfish have no bones 2. Even if they did dinosaur have bigger bones 3. Jellyfish don't have BONES!

It is called a paleontologist, and yes, that is the correct spelling. Those are the people that dig up dinosaur bones.

You would call it a dead dinosaur. You could refer to a fresh body as a dinosaur carcass. One that is only bones would be a dinosaur skeleton. However, you probably would never see the above. A fossilized dinosaur is called a dinosaur fossil.

Many different professionals study bones. The most obvious one is an osteologist.

Both Paleontologists and archaeologists study fossils and bones.

bones it has 984 bones and about 1000 teeth

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