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What is the phantom of the opera all about?


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September 14, 2011 12:02PM

It is about an amazingly talented, but disfigured man named Erik. Erik, falls in love with a beautiful chorus girl named Christine Daae. She beleves that he is the angel of music that her father said he would send her. but one night when the chandalier crashed down, she ran to her dressing room to se if the 'voice' was there it was the 'voice' who was Erik brought her to his home under the opera, where she rips off his mask and enrages him. then later when Christine and Raoul are on the roof top of the opera, Christine is telling raoul what happend; Erik is eavsdropping and learns that they will flee Paris after the preformance the next day (at 12 pm.) the phantom steals Christine away into his home during the proformance, and Raoul and the Persian attemt to rescue her but they fall into the torture chamber. they suffer for a long time (mabye days.) but finaly Christine must chose: the scorpian: Erik. or the Grasshoper:Erik. the grasshopper will send everyone to their death,(by explosian) but the scorpian will save everyone. she chose Erik because she knew Raoul and the Persian were in the torture chamber, but little did she know that the torture chamber filled up with water when she turned the scorpian, almost resulting in raoul and the Persians death, but Christine begs Erik to spare their lives, so he does, He takes the Persian home but ties raoul up and intends to kill him (or starve him to death) but Christine alows Erik to kiss her for the first time, just on the cheek, and Christine returns the kiss and Erik, who is so filled with love with her lets her and raoul go. he later goes to the Persian and tells him that he is dieing from love (Christine's love) and that he told her to come back one day and burry him with the plain gold ring that he had given her.

this isn't the best description. but its as close as your going to get to the actual thing,if your to lazy to actually read the book written by Gaston Leroux. but if your talking about the movie i cant help you.