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Theater Musicals combine dramatic acting with song and dance. Ask questions about your favorite Broadway and Off Broadway musicals, the casts, the shows, the songs, and much more here.

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How long is Broadway show book of Mormons?

The Book of Mormon is religious musical satire that opened on Broadway in March of 2011 and is still running. The musical has 2 acts and lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes. ...
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How much does it cost to rent a Broadway theater for a week?

That tends to range from around $2,500.00 to about $5,000.00, depending on which theater and what time of year. ...
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Is there any dialog in cats the musical?

Yes but it is mostly in song form as it is a musical.
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What era was Guys and Dolls based on?

"Guys and Dolls" takes place around 1950. Adelaide sings: "He bought me the fur mink five winters ago And the gown the following fall Then the necklace, the bag, the gloves, and the hat, That was late '48, I recall." ...
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Are there plans to put A Very Potter Musical on Broadway?

No, StarkidPotter is not planning on putting the show on Broadway, as far as anyone knows. Darren Criss is far to busy with glee to put avpm and avps on Broadway, he has said on his twitter page countless times that he is to busy and it is to expensive. Darren would love to but he can't. ...
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What is the name music introduction in musical play?

The music piece that introduces a musical is called the overture or prelude. ...
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Where was Aida's premiere held?

''Aida,'' Giuseppe Verdi's opera about ancient Egypt, which had its premiere in Cairo "Aida", Elton John and Tim Rice's rock musical, made it's out-of-town trial run in Chicago before opening on Broadway. ...
Asked in Salary and Pay Rates, Theater Musicals

How much does the Broadway cast of Cats earn?

A Broadway actor's salary varies, depending on his/her name-recognition, importance of the role, etc. For a rough estimate, the weekly salary is $1500 for an ensemble member or minor character. For an extremely well-known actor in a lead role, the weekly salary can be as much as $40,000. This sort of sum, however, is very rare. Many leading actors with little fame are paid between $5,000 and $10,000/week. ...
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Who is Prince Charming's mother in Shrek the Musical?

His mother is the fairy godmother in the movie. Prince charming isn't in Shrek the Musical. ...
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What problems will a illegal alien who came here on a valid student visa and over stayed over a year face when he marries a citizen here?

As long as the marriage is legitimate (married for the normal reasons and not just to get a green card), the person should have few problems adjusting status to that of legal permanent resident while in the US, since the person originally came legally. first of all when they find you you will be arrested ,then if you are married to a citizen you will have to proof it by marriage license then u will be released but you must pay...
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Why is'nt pilar from legally blonde the musical not in the legally blonde movie?

Because its easier to have a trio of backing girls that just 2. Other changes are the female havard tutor isn't in the musical. ...
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How does Mrs Lovett die in Sweeney Todd?

In the Stephen Sondheim version (which Tim Burton did a film adaptation of, starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter) Sweeney hurls her into the oven, shuts the door, and lets her burn to death. ...
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How many people died in westside story?

Three people. Riff was killed by Bernardo, and Bernardo was killed by Tony, both at the rumble. Then, Tony was killed by Chino at the end of the play. ...
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What is the best college for the performing arts?

Juilliard School (New York City) Royal Academy of Music (London) American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) (New York City) Berklee College of Music (California) These are the Top 4 Performing Arts Schools in the United States and Europe. Hopefully these answers help you. **Juiliard is almost impossible to get into, first off. . . you have to have "the look". . . and if you don't have "the look", well sorry. . . and 2nd, you have to be able to speak english....
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How old is Barbara Cook?

US musical actress Barbara Cook was 89 years old when she died on August 8, 2017 (birthdate: October 25, 1927). ...
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What musical genres are related to punk?

some musical genres related to punk are: Ska Hardcore Post-Hardcore Melodic Hardcore Post-Punk Proto-Punk Pop Punk Emo Screamo Skate Punk Melodic Punk Oi! New Wave ...
Asked in Phantom of the Opera Movie, Theater Musicals, Phantom of the Opera Musical

Who produced The Phantom of the Opera?

Andrew Lloyd Webber There have been a number of productions of Phantom of the Opera, the most popular of which is Webber's. Ken Hill produced the first one in 1976 which is reported to have inspired Webber to write his. ...
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How long was original rent cast on Broadway?

The original Broadway production of Rent performed on Broadway for twelve years, from 1996 to 2008. ...
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Where can you find a Demeter cat costume from cats the musical?

If you google search it or click on this link to get one... Hope I helped! :} ...
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When is starship the musical coming out on YouTube?

It's already out, go to Starkid's YouTube channel to watch it.
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What is Fiona's curse in Shrek?

She will turn into an ogre after sunset until she has true love's first kiss. Quote: "By night one way By day another. This shall be the norm Until you find true love's first kiss And then take love's true form" ...