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I know that fear of knives is aichmophobia, but fear of them in the dishwasher is very specific. Though they have a lot of names for phobias, I don't think they have a name for that. Is it a fear of putting knives in the diswasher, or having them already be there? I think if you're looking for a name and details about it, there's a good chance they have something on it in the book DSM-IV, it's quite detailed and reputable. I hope this helps

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Is it safe to put knives in the dishwasher?

As long as they are dishwasher safe, you can put them in the dishwasher.

What phobia is the fear of knives?


What is the name for a phobia of knives?


Is there a phobia for ham?

Yes.... people can have a phobia of anything from knives to dust e.c.t

What brands of steak knives are considered the most dishwasher safe?

Stainless steel knives are safe in the dishwasher. However the best knives are made of carbon steel which should always be handwashed and immediately dried. The brand is irrelevant. What matters is the material which the blades are made from.

Does putting knives in the dishwasher make them dull?

no.... they just gets more cleaner :)

Can I reuse plastic forks and knives?

Plastic forks and knives can be reused if put through the dishwasher; to keep from melting put them on the top rack.

Why should chef knives not go in the dish machine?

because the dishwasher might get hurt...THINK ABOUT ITS FEELINGS!!!!

What brand of cutlery set can I purchase that will not rust when cleaned in a dishwasher?

There is no good answer to this, except that you should NOT put your cutlery in the dishwasher! The detergents used will rust your knives. Simply wash them by hand and dry them immediately.

Can you put carbon steel knives in the dishwasher?

Kitchen knives? Yes, just wipe them down with some olive oil or vegeatable oil afterwards to keep from rusting. Folding knives or hunting knives, it would be better to clean by hand with small brushes and using chemical cleaners and lubricants made for the purpose.

When you wash your wolfgang puck Knives in the dishwasher you get what looks like rust spots. What can you do about this?

The rust spots might be caused by rusting parts inside the dishwasher, such as under the 'wand' piece that rotates at the bottom of the dishwasher. Consult your manufacturer's Operating Manual FIRST then a hardware store manager for suggestions; different products can reduce rust---but not remove it completely. The part(s) will likely need replaced for the rust spots to stop on your knives.

What should I look for in a new knive set?

You should first decide what you will be using these knives for fillet, ordinary tasks? Then you should definately choose knive sets that have a variety of blades and sizes that comes within one set. This will then allow you to have many types of knives for all types of cuisines. Secondly you should always choose stainless steel and if you are using a dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.

Can kitchen knives be washed in the dishwasher, or should I wash them by hand?

The rule of thumb is to NEVER wash a good knife in the dishwasher. Heat and steam will ruin wood handles and excessive movement will cause nicks on blade. Always knives by hand, use a mild detergent and thoroughly dry with a towel. However, if you want to use the dishwater, place knives in upper shelf only (to lesen excessive movement and damage to blades), Do not use a heated cycle becasue heat will crack and/warp wooden handles.

Can a knife be left in the sink to be washed later?

Unless you have curious children, yes. Knives just aren't supposed to be run through a dishwasher, it dulls them very quickly.

What is the phobia of syringes called?

The phobia of needles is called entetophobia and the phobia of needles and pins is called belonephobia. The medical term Trypanophobia, is rarely used. Tryanophobia refers to an extreme and irrational fear of all the medical procedures that involve use of syringes, injections and even hypodermic needles. The phobia of needles is similar to aichmophobia, that is, a morbid fear of all sharp things. These sharp objects include needles, knives, sharp end of an umbrella and even a pointing finger! However, the term tryanophobia is not used and is generally referred to as phobia of needles or needle phobia.

How to Shop for Steak Knives?

When you are planning to serve steak, it is important that you have the right accessories for serving it and cutting it. This, of course, includes steak knives. With regular use, these knives will become dull and will not be able to cut as well. It is important to use the best possible steak knives on the market when you are going to be cutting steaks and other meats. However, how does the average person know which ones to purchase? There are a few things you should look for when shopping for steak knives.Before purchasing steak knives, try to hold each one and simulate a cutting motion. Does the grip feel firm? Is it comfortable to hold the knife? Since steak knives are usually very sharp, you do not want to accidentally drop them, so it is important to be sure that the ones you buy you can hold firmly and comfortably.Check the label on the box to see what the manufacturer has to say about whether the knives are dishwasher-safe. If you don’t have a dishwasher and will be hand-washing them anyway, you can skip this step. But if you normally wash your dishes in a machine, you should be sure that you don’t accidentally damage your knives by placing them in the dishwasher when they shouldn’t be washed in that manner.Find out what how long the knives will maintain their sharpness. The manufacturer may indicate this. They may even offer some tips for you as to what you can do to keep them as sharp as they were when you first bought them.Look to see how the knives will be stored. Steak knives’ sharpness requires that they be stored safely. Most sets come with a storage block that also helps to preserve their points when they are not being used. Be sure that the set you are buying offers a safe storage method.Find out what kind of warranty, if any, your steak knives come with. It is helpful to be familiar with this guarantee so you know what to do if something unexpected happens with the knives and you need to order a replacement set.

Will a dishwasher magnet you put on the outside of a dishwasher damage the dishwasher?


What phobia is the fear of ice skates?

Fear of ice is cryophobia. The thing is there is no ancient Greek word for ice-skate. Perpaps you should use the greek for 'blade' between cryo and phobia...I don't know the greek for that. (And people might think you mean 'Fear of knives made of ice')

Phobia of having a phobia?

The phobia, or fear, of having a phobia is called Phobophobia.

How did the Inuit make a bow and arrow?

wood and knives wood and knives wood and knives wood and knives wood and knives wood and knives

Does a dishwasher fill vavle is operated manually up under sink?

Most dishwasher fill valves are inside the casing of the dishwasher.Most dishwasher fill valves are inside the casing of the dishwasher.

What is a lizard phobia?

A lizard phobia is a phobia of lizards

What are the most common dishwasher problems?

Some common problems include: Why does my dishwasher not drain? Why does my dishwasher leak, and why does my dishwasher not dry.

What is the phobia of embarrassment?

Social Phobia is the phobia of embarrassment. It is the phobia in which a person is scared of being bullied.

What is dishwasher?

a dishwasher is a washer of dishes