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Buon Natale is the Christmas greeting. It's pronounced 'bwohn nah-TAH-leh'. It literally means 'Good Nativity'.

Babbo Natale means 'Santa Claus'. It's pronounced 'BABHB-boh nah-TAH-leh'. It literally means 'Father Nativity'.

Albero di Natale means 'Christmas tree'. It's pronounced 'AHL-beh-roh Dee nah-TAH-leh'. It literally means 'tree of Nativity'.

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Buon Natale e Felici Vacanze is an Italian equivalent of 'Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays'. It's pronounced 'bwohn nah-TAH-leh ay feh-LEE-chee vah-KAHN-tseh'.

In the word by word translation, the masculine adjective 'buono' means 'good'. The masculine noun 'Natale'means 'Nativity'. The conjunction 'e' means 'and'. The adjective 'felici' means 'happy'. The feminine noun 'vacanze' means 'vacation, holidays'.

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Q: What is the phrase 'Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays' in Italian?
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"Merry Christmas!" in Italian is "Buon Natale!"

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Buone feste! and Buone vacanze! are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "Happy holidays!" The feminine plural adjectives and nouns respectively translate as "Good holidays"!" in regard to feasts and festivities and "Good vacations!" The respective pronunciations will be "BWO-ney FEH-stey" and "BWO-ney va-KAN-tsey" in Italian.

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