What is the phrase lions share?

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A disproportionately large share.

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Q: What is the phrase lions share?
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Do lions share their habitat?

Yes, in the wild, lions share their habitat with other lions and animals.In the zoo, lions only share their habitat with other lions.

What is the meaning of the idiomatic expression lion's share?

The lion's share means the biggest or best part of something.The lions share = The largest portion.In modern times the phrase has come to mean the larger share/part. However, it originally meant the entire share or portion, and not just the larger part. The phrase is derived from one of Aesop's fables.

What is the Latin phrase for lions?


Does lions hunt with tigers together?

No, lions and tigers do not share the same habitat.

Can a lion share food with other animals that aren't lions?

Usually other animals will have to wait till lions have their fill, they do not share.

Do lions eat apes?

No, lions do not share the same habitat as do the great apes.

Who does Italy share the largest border with?

Switzerland has the 'lions share' of Italy's border.

What does 'the lions share' mean?

Let's say we split a dollar. I got .75 cents, and you got .25 cents. I would have the lions share as I have the greater amount or "share" of what was being split. Hope this helps!

Why do lions share their food with their family?

Because they have to feed their young.

Do leopards and lions live together?

In the same region, yes. African lions and leopards share the same habitats, with leopards avoiding their larger cousins. In India's Gir Forest, the last 400 Asiatic lions share habitat with the leopard.

Do lions eat burrowing owls?

Burrowing owls and African lions do not share the same environment. If would be unlikely that lions would eat one if they did, however.

Are lions related to the hyenas?

They share a common, very distant ancestor.

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