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An ugly boy

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Q: What is the phrase translation in spanish un muchacho feo?
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What is ugly in Spanish?

feo/a = spanish ugly = English translation

What is 'mi amor feo' when translated from Spanish to English?

"My ugly love!" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase ¡Mi amor feo! The declaration models the tendency of Spanish to place adjectives after, not before, their nouns. The pronunciation will be "mee a-MOR FEY-o" in Uruguayan Spanish.

What is feo in Spanish?

feo means ugly in English

What does 'Por qué estás feo' mean in English?

Translation of ¿Porque estas feo?: Why are you ugly?

Ugly in spanish?


What is the English translation of 'patio feo segunda temporada?

Normally, it is called "Patio Feo - Segunda Temporada". It is in Spanish language (a "telenovela", which means TV series). We can translate it into English as follows: Ugly Yard - Second Season.

How is feo pronounced?

Feo, which means "ugly" in Spanish, is pronounced [FAY-aw].

What is the word for ugly in spanish?


How do you say ugle in Spanish?


How do you say you are ugily in spanish?

Eres feo(a)

What is the opposite of the spanish word feo?


What is Ugly duckling in Spanish?

Patito Feo