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He has black hair and sea green eyes like his father, Poseidon. He has features that make teachers believe he is a rebellious and troubled child, although he is actually very good natured. He is sarcastic and opinionated like any average new yorker, but he is also loyal to his friends and brave. Percy's fatal flaw, as stated by Athena, is that he would sacrifice his life and the well-being of the world to save his friends (especially Annabeth). Percy often speak without thinking which can get him in trouble with gods. In the first few books he is described as skinny, unfit, and weak but training at Camp Half-Blood bulks him up as he gets older. As for page numbers I don't have any, but you should look in the first chapter of The Lightning Thief and the chapter about Circe in The Sea of Monsters.

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Q: What is the physical description of Percy Jackson as in The Lightning Thief and what are his personality traits as in The Lightning Thief. Give page numbers. Ok?
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