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There are mountains and lakes located in Italy. Italy also features 14 volcanoes, including Etna, Stromboli, Vulcano, and Vesuvius which are active volcanoes.

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Which mountain range runs down the center of Italy?

Apennine Mountains run down the center of Italy. :]

Is physical geography the same as geography?

Physical geography is a branch of Geography; the main branches of Geography are Physical and Human, these are mainly taught at school level. Physical geography relates to the natural environment.

What is similar to Physical Geography and Human Geography?

how are physical geography and human geography similar.

How does the physical geography of Italy affect the lives of its people?

The mountains in Italy make it harder for people to go from one side of the peninsula to the other.

Of geography include physical geography and human geography?

I'll assume you mean "Does geography include physical geography and human geography?" Yes, physical geography and human geography are areas of study within the wider area of study of geography.

What types of geography included in physical geography?


How did the geography of Italy contrast to the geography of Greece?

Italy is northwest, mostly west, of Greece.

What are examples of physical geography?

What are some examples of physical geography

What has the author Ralph C Scott written?

Ralph C. Scott has written: 'Essentials of physical geography' -- subject(s): Physical geography 'Physical geography' -- subject(s): Physical geography 'Instructor's manual to accompany Essentials of Physical Geography'

What is the physical geography of Naples Italy?

NAPLES phsical geography mount vesivius is near and their may be some rivers.But of course there is the bay of naples which is known for its amazing beauty. naples is probably the most impressive scenery spot in italy...

What is physical geography about?

Physical geography is natural geography, not human geography. It covers a range of topics such as volcanoes, rivers and farming.

What is the human geography of Italy?

define: human geography

What are the advantages of Europe's physical geography?

what are the advantages of europes physical geography

How is the study of human geography different from the study of physical geography?

Human geography teaches about human beings and their accomplishments, while physical geography teaches about the physical world we live in

Introduction to physical geography and its branches?

Physical geography is that branch of natural science which deals with the study General Geography.

What is the difference between physical geography and population?

The difference between physical geography and population is population refering to humans and physical geography refering to land.

What kind of geography are rivers?

physical geography

How many types of geography are there and what are they?

3 and they are; >Environmental geography.>Physical geography.>Human geography.

What are the two major branches of geography?

physical geography and human geography

Two main branches of geography?

Human Geography Physical Geography

Major what of geography include physical geography and human geography?


What is the physical geography like in Nunavut Canada?

I do believe the physical geography is pretty mountious..

What is the physical geography for Brazil?

the physical geography for brazil has rivers, mountains, forests and oceans.

Why geography is often described as an interdisciplinary field of study?

geography is often described as an interdisciplinary field of study since it consists of many fields such as physical geography and human geography.Under physical geography and human geography,there are other subfields such as climatology and geomorphology for physical geography and cultural and population geography which are under human geography.

Why is a physical geography important to the study of geography?

Physical geography is the way the earth is 'set out', hills etc., geography in general is study of the earth so they do link :)