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What type of cable, for what type of accessory?

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Q: What is the pin allocation in the PC receiver connection?
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What is a 15-pin d-sub input?

It's usually the video cable connection on a PC.

What are the four methods through which keyboards connect to a PC?

5 pin round din connector, 6 pin PS/2 connector, USB Port & wireless connection.

What are the main system requirements for usage of Logitech wireless microphone system on PC computers?

To use a wireless microphone you need the software to upload to your pc and a wifi connection with blue tooth capabilities between the pc receiver and the microphone itself.

How do you make a wireless PC to PC connection?

You will need a wireless router and a wireless adapter to have wireless pc to pc connection

Wireless connection between computer and tv?

Wireless PC to TV system or Digital Media Receiver this connects to a tv via AV cables and accepts wi fi connections

Does the PC Wireless Guitar work for Guitar Hero PS3?

yes and no, the guitar it self works fine... but it is the wireless receiver, i don't know why but if you use a PC receiver on the ps3 the guitar will register as a normal controler (dualshock) but if you use a ps3 receiver even if it is normally a PC guitar it will work just fine does any one have a way to make the PC wireless usb receiver work on ps3?

What is the population of PC Connection?

PC Connection's population is 1,600.

Is CoD4 Free Online for PC if your got a wireless connection?

COD4 Online is fere for PC regardless of your internet connection.

How to connect your PC to view on other PC monitor?

by line connection

Can you use a PC to PC connection if one PC has wireless?

yeah, use software such as wiipeer.

How do you connect to PC to PC?

the connection between PC to PC ia called peer to peer connection the connection requires a cable called "cross cable" ..! or "peer to peer cable" and some settings using command prompt..! Rajesh Rathod Dept of ECE IIT Delhi ..!

4 N in a PC?

numbers in a pin code

Do you need a Microsoft Live Membership to play PC games online over the internet and if you do Can you use the same account on the PC for a Xbox 360 Online Account Anything else needed?

no you don't need Microsoft member ship to play online, do for xbox because xbox isn't a receiver .. its more like a connect receiver that needs to be plugged in. they charge you to play live bc xbox isn't a connection like the computer. a computer is a connection to the internet, so this is pretty much what ur asking, do u need to pay to play online PC games on the internet?:No.

Are there any games for PC that have twitter connection?


Introduction on pc-pc communication?

try a null modem serial connection

Can one connect a 7 pin S video PC socket to a 3 jack component video connection on a tv resulting in a higher component quality signal than making the via a 4 pin S video cable?

No, the S-cable is the weak link in your plan.

Does the ION VCR 2 PC with USB Connection come with a remote control?

The ION VCR 2 PC with USB Connection does not come with a remote control.

If your PC is connected with wireless can you connect your ps3 with an Ethernet cable from your PC?

The ethernet cable should come from a modem or router. The plug for you PC is likely the one that would go to the router or modem from your PC. Just as the PS3 has the ability to be either Wired or WiFi so do some computers and that is why they have a spot for an ethernet cable. The PS3 has Network setting that can be switched to allow you to have a wireless connection or a wired connection, but not to have both. The wired connection provides the best connection for the PS3 because the connection can not be lost as with a WiFi connection. You will also find when running the connection test for the PS3 better speeds for the wired connection.

What is the reason of scramble channel on PC satellite receiver?

to make sure you pay for it

How do you stop the connection failing when you change users on your PC?

What kind of connection? Internet, Flash drive, WHAT IS IT???????

Can you download zombie assault 2 to your PC to play it without internet-connection?


How do you check the speed on your internet connection of your PC?

I use to check my internet speed connection.

When you reformat your PC will the connection of internet lost?

Yes, all data will be lost if you reformat your PC.

How con you connect two PC through usb port?

Look, USB port has 4 pins. pin-1 is for power supply pin-2 for receive data pin-3 for sending date pin-4 for ground. the problem is that at the another end of USB the same pin is there. but the another PC can't interprete the signals. because of this Pin-1 to Pin-1 Pin-2 to Pin-2 Pin-3 to Pin-3 Pin-4 to Pin-4 so send to send and receive to receive is generate. so we have to change the another end pin as below, Pin-1 to Pin-4 Pin-2 to Pin-3 Pin-3 to Pin-2 Pin-4 to Pin-1 and that need some programming on which i am working. thanx & Best of Luck

Where to purchase a USB wireless receiver for skylanders?

You can get a wireless receiver from Activision support for PS3 and wii. If its for PC or Xbox 360 its wired portals only.