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None of my references say anything about a plating on these, but it replaced the model 60 which had a chrome plated bolt, bolt handle, and trigger.

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Q: What is the plating material on a Winchester model 67A?
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What is age of Winchester model 67A?

the Winchester model 67a was prouduced from 1934 to 1963

How old is a Winchester model 67A rifle?

The winchester model 67,67A were made from 1934-1963.

How do you clean model 67a Winchester?

Ask a gunsmith for help

What is the difference between a Winchester Model 67 and Model 67A?

The Winchester Model 67 is a single-shot bolt-action .22 caliber rifle with a barrel-length of about 22". The Winchester 67A is a different , later, improved model of the pre-war model 67. The 67A has a 27 inch bbl, not a 22". This rifle also came in a short-stocked, 20 inch barrel version, which was, in fact, known as "the boy's rifle." The standard 67A is NOT the boy's rifle.... the "boy's rifle" is a sub model of the 67A.

What year is a Winchester Model 67A?

The Winchester Model 67A evolved from the Model 67 in September of 1939. Production of the Model 67A ran from then until December 1963 when it was discontinued. Because the Model 67/67A was never serialized, there are no records to use to determine when an individual rifle was made. There is a possibility that a 2-digit year date was stamped on the bottom of the barrel under the stock.

What is the year of a 22 slorlr Winchester model 67a?

I'm not positive but my model 67A SL.or LR short barrel Winchester was given to me in 1958 when I turned 7. If it was new or used is unknown.

What year was Winchester model 67a 22 SLOR LR made in?

The Winchester 67A was made from 1934 and 1963. Because they ended production in 1963 they are not serial numbered.

What is the difference between the Winchester model 67 and 67A?

Model 67 had slots on each side of the stock fore end, the later model 67a did away with the slots and were plain and rounded.

When was the Winchester model 67 made?

The Winchester Model 67 was introduced in 1934, redesigned in 1937 and changed to "67A", and discontinued in the early 1960s. Bert H.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 67A rifle?

Depending on condition they can range from 50-200 USD.

How much is a Winchester Model 67A boy's rifle with a 20inch barrel and no serial number worth?

The value of a Winchester Model 67A boy's rifle with a 20 inch barrel depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued around 100.00 as of 2014.

How old is a Winchester Model 67?

The 67/67A was not serialized. 383,000 were manufactured between 1934 and 1963.

What is known about a Winchester 67A with no serial number?

All model 67's and 67A's have no serial numbers

How old is a Winchester model 67a model 22slorlr?

built between 1934 and 1963. I would need pics to tell you more.

What is a Winchester Model 67A single shot bolt action S and L reach 22 rifle worth No serial number is on the gun I think made around the 1940 era.?

The Winchester Model 67A was only made for one year in 1934. This model is worth approximately $650+-$700, depending on condition.?æ

How much is a Winchester 22 model 67A boltaction single shot worth?

great condition it will sell for about $375 to $400 dollars,

Need trigger guard for WInchester Model 67A?

I would start my search at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

What is the age and value of a 22 caliber Winchester Model 67A bolt action rifle with no serial number?

It was introduced in 1934. There is a website called Winchester Collector that might be helpful.

How much is a Winchester 67A worth?

50- 300 uSD

Winchester 67a value?

Your Winchester model 67 is valued at between 75-175 dollars,based on it having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining and a good bore.

What year was Winchester 22 model 67A made?

The Winchester model 67 rifles were not serial numbered.This was not mandated until the gun control act of 1968.They were made from 1934-1963.A total of 383,587 were made during this time span.

What is the value of Winchester 22 cal MD 67a?

15-250 usd

How much is a model 67 Winchester commerative 30-30 caliber rifle worth?

the winchester model 67/67A rifle was chambered for the .22 S,L,LR,or ,22WRF.It was never chambered in the 30-30 caliber.Therefore I cannot answer your question.

What is a Winchester model 67a bolt action long barrel worth?

I was just at a gun show today in Harrisburg, PA. There were a few there ranging in price from $225-$275.

What is a Winchester model 67A nickeled with peep sight youth rifle worth?

Depends on condition, finish, accessories, box, papers, etc.. Range from 150-500 USD