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The moral lesson of Ibong Adarna is the power of forgiveness and the importance of resisting temptation. All three brothers in the story succumb to temptation: the first two are lulled by the Adarna and turned to stone, and overcome by jealousy which leads them to act cruelly, while Don Juan succumbs to the pleasure of palace life and abandons Maria. However, Don Juan and Maria are both forgiving people and a happy ending is achieved in large part due to their capacity for forgiveness.

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Q: What is the plot of ibong adarna story?
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The setting of "Ibong Adarna" is the kingdom of Berbanya, which is a fictional realm filled with enchantment and magical creatures. The story takes place in a lush and colorful landscape where the majesty of the mythical bird, Ibong Adarna, is central to the plot.

Where is the setting of ibong adarna story?

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Ibong Adarna is the magical bird from the Filipino mythical story of the same title. On story, the bird lives deep in the forest and its voice has healing power.

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Both the Biblical story of Cain and Abel and the Spanish story of Ibong Adarna focus on a brother's (or two brothers' in the story of Ibong Adarna) jealousy toward the favoritism showed by their parents toward another brother. In both stories, this jealous brings trickery and harm to befall the favored brother.

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