What is the plot summary of the six rows of pompons by toshio mori?

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Six Rows of Pompons by Toshio Mori is about a boy named Tatsuo who is given 6 rows of pompons to take care of from his uncle Hiroshi. Tatsuo learns how to weed, water, and tend to his flowers but he often forgets to take care of them. The family decided to let him keep tending the same 6 rows every year until he comes to his senses.
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What is a plot summary of the story The Pearl?

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How do you write a plot summary?

The plot is just what happens in the story or book. All you have to do is write down the major things that happened and you have a plot summary.

What is the plot summary?

A plot summary is a description of the story in a novel, film or other piece of storytelling. It is not a review and should not contain the opinions of the author. It should contain all the necessary information about the main characters and the unfolding drama to give a complete impression of the t ( Full Answer )

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How long is a plot summary?

A plot summary is as long as it takes to explain what occurs in thestory's main focus points. They can be anywhere from a shortparagraph to a few pages.

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The plot summary for Mein Kampf is basically torture, struggle, evil things basically. That's what I think. That's all I can think of at this moment.

What is a example of a plot summary?

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What is an example of plot summary?

Anything can be an example! Go read a book or watch a movie -- then tell a friend what happened. That is a plot summary.

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Plot Summary is to write down the whole story in a smaller and simpler for with all the important parts that the story/composition contains...

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Is a plot a summary?

sometimes yes sometimes no if the story is short it could be but most of the time a plot is a part of a summary

What is the plot of a summary?

the plot of the summary is to explain the whole plot of the book because all the summary is is a recap of the main story's plot so you basically just restate the plot of the story in you summary paragraph

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Say It with Flowers by Toshio Mori?

Say it With Flowers , by Toshio Mori is a short story, in which the main character Teruo feels they flower store's "Flower policy" (selling old flowers) is unfair to the customers. He then takes the customers to the back and sells them the fresh flowers, which makes the manager (Mr. Sasaki) furious ( Full Answer )

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Plot summaries a walk to remember?

From website:"After a hazing incident goes wrong, popular but rebellious Landon Carter is threatened with expulsion. His punishment is participation in various after-school activities, including the spring musical, where he meets quiet, bookish Jamie Sullivan the only daughter of their church's past ( Full Answer )

What is the analysis summary of the six rows of pompons?

Two-row barley has two rows of kernels lined up vertically on the head of the plant, while six-row has six. Even though two-row barley has larger kernels, the six-row typically yields more at harvest.

Is the main idea the plot summary?

no, main idea is the theme while plot summary is what actually happened ie- in boy in striped pyjamas is about a boy whos father is the commandant of Auschwitz, and the boys friendship with one of the prisoners but that is NOT the main idea the main idea is how can something as horrible as a holocau ( Full Answer )

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A boy (not named) gets an old, used, riding lawnmower for his birthday from his eccentric grandmother. His next-door neighbor asks him to mow his lawn. He needs money to buy an inner tube for his bike, so he agrees. Soon he gets more customers. Soon he has more than he can handle. One of his custom ( Full Answer )

What is a plot summary?

Plot is the sequence of events through which an author construct a story which is always in chronological order. Plot summary is summary of the story which is not in a chronological order. Plot summaries cover the plot of a story, passing over details and other stuff that has less to do with the ma ( Full Answer )

Is a plot a summary of the story?

A plot is what happens in the story, or the story line. For instance someone could be murdered, and that would be a part of the plot. In a really good plot, almost every little thing that happens relates to something that happens later on in the book. I don't think that a summary is a plot because ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a summary and a plot summary?

Summary - A summary is detailed main events that happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Plot Summary- A plot summary is just like a summary which is detailed main events that encountered through the beginning, middle, and end of the story except it goes more into the characters ( Full Answer )

What is the plot summary for A Farewell to Arms?

setting was in Europe during the war. an officer and a nurse fell in love with each other. The nurse was very afraid of the rain. SHe died giving birth to their child when it was raining/ Rock Hudson and Jennifer Jones were the stars of this film.

The Flight of Icarus plot summary?

The genius Athenian engineer, Daedalos, crafted wings for his son and himself, so that they could escape the island of Crete and the imprisonment of Minos. The wings were held together with wax, so Daedalus instructed his son Ikaros (Icarus), not to fly too close to the sun, lest the wax melt and th ( Full Answer )

Is a theme a short summary of a plot?

No, a theme is more of the main idea of the story rather than the plot. For instance, the theme could be "man against the world" and that theme could apply to a lot of stories, regardless of plot.

What is the summary of a shady plot?

It is a story about a man john hallock who is a (ghost)story writer.He writes for two reason.firstly ,his readers loved his stories which had life and Secondly money was an important thing for him.one day when he sits to write material things like his wife lavinia's craze for shopping and all comes ( Full Answer )

Are plot summary and summary alike?

No and yes. A summary is a short version of something. A plot summary is a short version of a plot. Plot is the storyline of a story, the sequence of connected events leading to the ending.

What was the plot summary of bifocal?

It is about two Canadian boys, Jay and Haroon. Haroon has been harassed for being Muslim after being falsely arrested. Jay is a newcomer and a football player, part of a team that harrasses Haroon. Both boys learn about discrimination in Bifocal, by Deborah Ellis.

Is the plot summary the conclusion?

No. The conclusion is the end of the story -- what happens after the climax. The plot summary is a short re-telling of the entire story.

What is the outline of the story say it with flowers by toshio mori?

â??Say It With Flowersâ?? by Toshio Mori is about two characters,the elder, Teruo cares little about making money and prefers towork for the benefit of his customers instead of the business. His11-year old coworker, John, is the exact opposite. The story isabout Teruoâ??s meaning of freedom ( Full Answer )

Summary of the six rows of pompons by toshio mori?

â??Six Rows of Pomponsâ?? by Toshio Mori is about a young man,Tatsuo, who was challenged by his uncle to learn to care for andgrow six boxes of Pompon flowers. Despite following his uncleâ??sinstructions and trying hard, most of Tatsuoâ??s flowers die. Hisfather wants to burn them, but t ( Full Answer )

What is the plot summary of The Servant Girl?

This is a story of a humble good looking house helper named Rosa and her adult. Rosa is portrayed as a physically and verbally abused servant girl. Rosa fantasized about the cochero whom she named to be "Angel" who later on known to be as Pedro. She imagined him as different from other men, more gal ( Full Answer )

What is the plot summary to The false Prince?

The false Prince was about a boy trying to imposing a fake princethat is trying to take over the kingdom of Carthya. This boy is 14years old when it all started.