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There is no hard-and-fast rule with regard to forming the plural forms of nouns ending in O. Some nouns adopt the ending -es, such as heroes, tomatoes, potatoes. Other nouns (especially those with two ending vowels) simply adopt an S, such as cameos, patios. Others appear in both forms: zeros/zeros, volcano/volcanoes, tornados/tornadoes. (The -es in these three is the dominant usage.)
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Q: What is the plural form for words ending in o?
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What words ending in o form their plural by adding s only?

patio - patios

What words can you add a s to most words that end with o?

Nouns ending with -o that form the plural by adding -s to the end of the word are:autoscameoskangarooskilosmemosphotospianossolosstudiostattoosvideoszoos

How do you spell the plural form of piano?

plural: pianosMost words ending with an 'o' usually take '-es' to form the plural, but some words take '-s', e.g. pianos, radios, videos, etc.

Plural forms of words ending with o?

Nouns that end in 'o' in their singular form can take an 's' or an 'es' for their plural form. Some examples:echo to echoeshero to heroespotato to potatoesveto to vetoesauto to autosphoto to photosstudio to studiospiano to pianos

What words ending in o form their plural by adding s only at 5 least?

Cello > cellosDisco > discosRadio > radiosPhoto > photosPatio > patios

Why is the plural of auto autos and the plural of hero heroes?

Because there is no standard rule for words ending in -o.

Why is the plural of photo photos not photoes?

The plural form photos is an exception to the rule that words which end with -o preceeded by a consonant have -es added to create the plural form.

What are the plurals for words ending with o?

es, like echo- e choes that would be plural

Words the require ES to make them plural?

The nouns ending in ch, sh, s, x, and z add -es to the end of the word to form the plural. Only some nouns ending in o use -es to form the plural.Examples:church, churcheswish, wishesdress, dressesbox, boxeswaltz, waltzespotato, potatoeshero, heroes

Nouns ending in o that form plural by adding only s?

Examples of nouns ending with -o that just add -s to form the plural are:auto - autoscameo - cameoskangaroo - kangarooskilo - kilosmemo - memosphoto - photospiano - pianossoprano - sopranosstudio - studiostattoo - tattoosvideo - videoszoo - zoos

Why is tomato plural with an es?

Some nouns ending with an 'o' preceded by a consonant add 'es' to the end of the word to form the plural; for example:tomato - tomatoespotato - potatoeshero - heroesecho - echoesbuffalo - buffaloesmosquito - mosquitoesMost nouns ending with an 'o' simply add 's' to the end of the word to form the plural; for example:zero - zeroszoo - zoosstudio - studiosradio - radiosavacado - avacadosauto - autos

How do you make vowel-o-ending nouns plural by adding s?

There's no general rule for forming the plural forms of words ending in -o. Many plural forms are formed by adding -es, e.g. tomato - tomatoes, potato - potatoes, hero - heroes. Other plurals are formed simply by adding -s, e.g. zero - zeros, memo - memos, hippo - hippos.