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I'm not sure why you would need this but i would go with Arcei. Kinda like plural for platypus is platypi.

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Arceus In Super Smash BrosBrawl?

There is not an arceus trophy, and arceus was created after brawl, so arceus is not in brawl

How To Get Arceus on Pokemon platinum?

Action Replay A New Arceus Event-12th Movie Arceus Old Arceus Event

Pokemon platinum how to get Arceus?

You have to have the Arceus event or have action replay code to get Arceus

Is arceus gay?

Arceus has no gender.

How to get arceus in diamond?

Arceus is not avabile. Right now, hack or use cheats to get Arceus.

How is zoroark stronger than Arceus?

zoroark is not stronger then arceus because arceus is the god pokemon and zoroak is not so how can zoroark can be stronger then arceus.

Who is arceus in Pokemon?

arceus is the alpha Pokemon

Is Arceus legendary?

Yes Arceus is legendary

Can you have an Arceus egg?

No, Arceus is unable to breed.

When was Arceus created?

Arceus was created in 2006.

Who is stronger lugia or Arceus?

Depends on how you train it and what plate you give arceus. Probably arceus though...

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