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The plural form is PCs (pronounced p-see-z).

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What is the abbreviation for piece?

The abbreviation of piece can be pc singular and pcs for the plural. The Lego star wars set had 1753 pcs.

What is the plural of software?

Software. Example: Tony purchased software, including Windows Vista and Microsoft Office, for his new PC.

How do you spell the possessive plural for 'PC' aka personal computer?

The plural form would be PCs; the plural possessive would be PCs' (the singular possessive is PC's).Example: "Their PCs' memory cards were not of the same type."* Possessives are the reason that apostrophes are not used to form plurals. But they do appear occasionally in that role, where it is needed to indicate what is being pluralized, e.g. "He sent many SOS's." This is very seldom necessary.

What is plural of she and her?

The plural for she is they; the plural for her is them.

What is the plural for is?

The plural of "is" is "are"as in:I amYou (singular) areHe/She isWe areYou (plural) areThey are

What is the plural of she had?

The plural of "she" is "they", so the plural of "she had" is "they had".

What is the plural of plural?

pluralsThe word plurals is the plural of plural. As in: I answered the question about plurals to the person who didn't know that the plural of plural is plurals.

Is nuances a noun?

Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.

What is the plural of isthmi?

Isthmi is plural. There are actually two plural forms. I will list them from singular to plural. Isthmus - Singular Isthmi - Plural Isthmuses - Plural

What is the plural of bunch ant batch day chimney tomato umbrella donkey sky foot?

The plural of 'bunch' is bunches.The plural of 'ant' is ants.The plural of 'batch' is batches.The plural of 'day' is days.The plural of 'chimney' is chimneys.The plural of 'tomato' is tomatoes.The plural of 'umbrella' is umbrellas.The plural of 'donkey' is donkeys.The plural of 'sky' is skies.The plural of 'foot' is feet.The plural of 'show' is shows.

What is the plural and plural possessive of home?

The plural form is homes; the plural possessive is homes'.

What is the plural or plural possessive rose?

The plural of rose is roses. The plural possessive is roses'.

What is the plural of zebra?

The plural of is the regular plural "zebras."

What is the plural of ladies?

Ladies is plural. The plural of lady.

What is the plural for knights?

Knights is a plural. It is the plural for knight.

what is plural for child?

The plural for child is children.

is shops plural?

shops is a plural noun

What is the plural of attic?

The plural is a regular plural, attics.

Is applied plural?

applied is does not have a plural but is apply it does have a plural.

What are the words that change when in plural form?

These words change their spelling for the plural form:The plural of man is men.The plural of woman is women.The plural of child is children.The plural of mouse is mice.The plural of foot is feet.The plural of tooth is teeth.The plural of goose is geese.The plural for penny is pence.The plural for person is people.The plural for louse is lice.The plural for die is dice.

What is the plural of which?

There is no plural for which

What is the plural of has?

what is the plural of has, was, her, 'a'

What is the plural of the?

the plural of the is these

Is are the plural of is?

is are the plural of is

Can you give 100 examples of plural pronoun?

No, because there are not 100 plural pronouns.The plural pronouns are:weusyou (can be singular or plural)theythemthesethoseouroursyour (can be singular or plural)yours (can be singular or plural)theirtheirsourselvesyourselvesthemselvesbothfewfewermanyothersseveralall (can be singular or plural)any (can be singular or plural)more (can be singular or plural)most (can be singular or plural)none (can be singular or plural)some (can be singular or plural)such (can be singular or plural)