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Individually, chiefs, executives, officers.

Collectively, Chief Executive Officers

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Chief executives.

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chief executive officers

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Chief Executive Officers

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Q: What is the plural of chief executive officer?
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How do you spell CEO?

The plural acronym may be spelled CEOs and means Chief Executive Officers.

Who is the Chief executive officer and the chief financial officer?

Chief Executive Officer

How would you write an example of plural noun of CEO?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the plural form of CEO is CEOs

What does CEO stands for?

CEO: Corporate Executive Officer

Who is chief executive is?

The plural of "chief executive" is "chief executives"

What is the Full form CEO?

Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer

What did Hammergren do from 1999 to 2002?

executive vice president as well as president and chief executive officer of supply management; 1999-2001, president and co-chief executive officer; 2001-, president and chief executive officer; 2002-, president, chairman, and chief executive officer.

What is the chief executive officer of US?

the chief executive officer is the person that works for the white house.

What are some common sales executive jobs?

"Common sales executive titles include, Chief Executive Officer or CEO, Chief Financial Officer or CFO, Chief Analytics Officer or CAO and Chief Legal Officer or CLO."

What are the duties of the chief executive office?

will the response be instant the chief executive officer manager a company the chief executive officer gives directive to people under or people that work with him the chief executive officer brings new ideas that could move the organization forward. the chief executive officer motivate the member of staff to work with zeal.

When did Hay become president and chief executive officer?

FPL Group, 1999, chief financial officer; 1999-2000, president, FPL Energy; 2001-2002, president and chief executive officer; 2002-, president, chief executive officer, and chairman.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of BOFA?

The Chief Executive Officer of BOFA is Brian Moynihan. He has been the chief executive officer for Bank of America for years. He is the one that heads up the Merrill Lynch program.