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Although you hear it used occasionally, the singular and plural form of the noun for the two legged garment is 'pants'; the singular is not pant.

There are a number of nouns for things that have two parts to make the one thing for which the singular and plural are the same word, but sound plural. For example, some are binoculars, scissors, shears, and glasses (the kind worn for vision; if there is just one lens, it's called a monocle). The reason for this is because the nouns are a shortened version of the terms 'a pair of pants' or 'a pair of scissors'.

Of course, pant is a verb for a dog's heavy breathing, and the like.
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What is pluralism?

Pluralism implies mutual respect between diverse groups.. Answer . There are three answers to this question, I will give you all three, as I am not sure in which sense you asked this question. Answer 1, A condition in which numerous distinct ethnic, religious, or cultural groups are present ( Full Answer )

What is the plural of do?

The noun 'do' is a word for the first note on a musical scale; andan informal word for a social event such as a party or a hairstyle(short for hairdo). The plural noun is dos . The verb ' to do ' that follows a plural subject is do ! . Singular: I do, you do, he/she/it does. . Plural: We ( Full Answer )

What are pants?

Pants are a type of clothing designed to be worn around the waste and cover your legs down to your ankles. Pants have two legs . LOOK at what you have on.You will know what pants are. u are crazy if u do not no wht pants are

What is pants?

"Pants" actually has two different definitions. Pants can be pants that you wear on your legs. Or, pants can mean after you've ran a while you are heavy breathing because your heart has to catch up with how much breath you need.

How do you get in your pants?

Answer . one leg at a time like everyone else!. Answer . I step inside with both feet then jump as high as I can in the air while pulling my pants up. Be careful though. Sometimes I don't jump high enough or pull them up fast enough and end up falling on my face.

What is a plural?

A "plural" is a noun or a pronoun that is a word for two or morepeople or things. Most plural nouns are formed in English by using the letters or es at the end of the word (e.g. boy-boys, hat-hats,lunch-lunches, glass-glasses). But there are many nouns that haveirregular plurals, or ones that fol ( Full Answer )

Why is the word genes or pants plural?

The word "genes" applied to biological DNA, is plural. (adjectives use the singlular, e.g. "gene therapy"). "Blue jeans" (pants) is a "paired plural" noun such as "pliers" or "scissors", with almost no use of the singular. "Jean material" is probably the exception. The term "blue jeans" for denim p ( Full Answer )

What is the plural for is?

The plural of "is" is " are " . as in: I am You (singular) are He/She is We are You (plural) are They are

What are plurals?

A plural is a noun or a pronoun for two or more people, places, orthings. Some examples are: an apple - two or more apples a boy - two or more boys a child - two or more children an egg - two or more eggs a friend - two or more friends an idea - two or more ideas a month - two or more m ( Full Answer )

Plural of do?

When do is used as a noun (meaning party, feast, celebration, such as Christmas do; or swindle, hoax) then the plural is do's or dos.

What is the plural?

Plural is an English term for explaining more than 1. For example . Cat is singular Cats is plural. House is singular. Houses is plural.

What is the plural of no?

When no is a noun the plural is NOES. As in "The noes have won the day."

What is the Plural of and?

There is no plural form, not all words can be plural, and thus ends up being 'and'.

Who is a plural?

A plural is a words that expresses more than one, or, in other words, wo or more. I will show two examples as followed: 1. cat cats So that's one cat, then more than one cat, cats. It could mean two cats, three cats, or one hundred cats. 2. elephants elephants So that's one elephant, the ( Full Answer )

What is the plural of pants?

Technically, pants is already plural. You can use it referring to various 'pants' (Five pairs of pants) or just singly; one pair of pants. It's similar to how you would use the word 'cut' for past, present, and future. *The plural of pants is many pants (:

Why pants is plural?

The word pants is not plural. It only has a letter 's' at the end of the word since a pair of pants has two leg portions, that's why it looks like it's in plural form. If you want the plural of pants, you should say "two pairs of pants" or three or four, etc.

Plural form of pants?

The word 'pants' is plural. If you want to refer to several pairs of pants, then you say 'several pairs of pants'.

What is the plural of 'was'?

The plural of 'was' is 'were' Example: I was here. We were here. Were is not really the plural of was . Were is the past tense plural form of be . Was is the past singular form of be .

Is has plural?

No. The verb or helper verb "has" is singular. Plural nouns (and I and you) use "have."

Is had plural?

Had may be singular or plural. --- No! We use had if the noun is singular and we use have if the noun is plural! TY!ural.

Can its be plural?

No, the word its is a singular pronoun , the possessive form of "it". The plural form of the possessive pronoun "its" is theirs.. The plural form of the possessive adjective "its" is their..

What is the plural of did?

Actually did is the past sense verb of the original verb 'do'.There is no bifurcation as singular and plural for the verbs.Though you use it for singular person or plural person you shouldconsider did only. For example: 1. Why did not he come to college yesterday? 2). Why did not they come to tutio ( Full Answer )

What is the correct plural form of pants?

The noun 'pants' is both the singular and the plural. Pants is from the group of nouns that sound plural, but are in fact singular or plural. This is because the word pants is actually a shortened form of 'a pair of pants' ( pair is singular ). Other examples from this group are shorts, glasses, b ( Full Answer )

Who to do plurals?

Is it possible, that I (singular), can plural (more than 1) all by myself? OR, do I (singular) need another- (also more than 1) as an addition before I do....? Is this how math started.

Is have the plural of has?

Have can be both singular and plural, but has can only be singular. So you are partly right. Have is used with the first and second persons singular and with all persons plural and plural noun subjects: I/You/We/They have a large fat dog . The boys have a large fat dog. Has is use ( Full Answer )

What is the plural of i had?

The plural for 'I had...' is 'We had...' Note: the first person singular pronoun 'I' is always capitalized.

Is Were plural?

It usually is. The simple past tense of "to be" can be "was" or"were." Was is used only for the first and third person singular(I, he, she, it) while were is used for all other conjugations,including plural pronouns (we, you, and they) and plural nouns (thecar was, the cars were). However, the secon ( Full Answer )

Is the word pants singular or plural?

The noun 'pants' is a non-count , binary noun ; a wordfor something that has two parts that make a whole. A binary noun is a shortened form of 'a pair of' or 'pairs of'.Other examples of binary nouns are scissors, pliers, shorts,pajamas, etc. The noun 'pant' (plural 'pants') is a word for a short ( Full Answer )

Why I a plural?

The pronoun 'I' is singular , not plural. The pronoun 'I' takes the place of a noun for the speaker as the subject of a sentence or clause. The person speaking does not use their own name when referring to them self, they use the pronoun I, or the pronoun me for the object of a verb or a prepositio ( Full Answer )

What is plural of have and has?

Have/has is a verb. Verbs don't have plurals. They have different conjugations based on the number of the subject. Has is used in the present tense for third person singular subjects. Have is used for all other subjects, singular and plural.

How do you get in his pants?

You should try flirting a lot with him and if your alone, trying acting all sexy. Surely he can't denin you then

What is the Plural for which?

The word 'which' has no plural form. The word 'which' is a pronoun when not followed by a noun: Interrogative pronoun: Which is the best cheese for this dish? Relative pronoun: I can't decide which is best. The word 'which' is a determiner when followed by a noun: Which movie would you lik ( Full Answer )

What is the plural of was?

Were is the plural form (and the second person singular) for the verb was. Examples: Singular: I was there. You were there. He was there. It was there. Plural: We were there You were there. They were there.

How can you get in her pants?

First, you gotta break the ice. Whip out your wing-wong in the middle of public. Then, you walk up to her, get her in your room and getter down. The rest is up to you.

Is the plural for I you?

The plural for the first person singular pronoun 'I' is 'we'. Example sentence: I can go to pick up Mandy or we can go together. The pronoun 'you' is the second person , singular or plural.

Is your plural?

The possessive adjective 'your' functions as a singular or plural pronoun. Examples: Dad, your dinner is ready. (singular) Boys, your dinner is ready. (plural) Jack and Jill, your dinner is ready. (plural)

What is plural for he she it?

The plural form for the singular, subjective he or she is they . The plural form for the singular, subjective it is they . The plural for the singular, objective it is them . And even though you didn't ask, I will throw in for no extra charge: The plural form for the singular, objectiv ( Full Answer )

What is the plural for who?

The pronoun 'who' functions as both singular and plural , asan interrogative pronoun and as a relative pronoun. Examples: Interrogative pronoun Who is your new math teacher? Who are your visitors? Relative pronoun Mr. Madden, who teaches math and chemistry, is my newteacher. The visito ( Full Answer )

What are plural?

a plural are a word that mean more than one and they show more than one thing

Which is plural is or are?

The plural would be 'are', not 'is'. Examples - "The birds are soaring in the sky." - "Cats are quite docile creatures."

What is the plural there?

There is no plural form for the pronoun 'there', a word that introduces a statement by taking the place of a noun for a specific place or circumstance (as used to introduce this sentence). The word 'there' has no plural form as an adverb: The bus stops there . The word 'there' has no plural form ( Full Answer )

What is the plural for he?

The plural form of the singular personal pronoun 'he' is they . Examples: Yes, I know Mr. Smith, he is my neighbor. Yes, I know the Smiths, they are my neighbors.

What is the plural of his?

The plural form of the third person singular possessivepronoun 'his' is theirs . examples: The ball is his. The ball is theirs. The plural form of the third person singular possessiveadjective 'his' is their . examples: That is his ball . That is their ball .

Can it be plural?

The plural forms of the personal pronoun 'it' are they asthe subject of a sentence or a clause, and them as theobject of a verb or a preposition.

Is the plural of that they?

No, the plural form of the demonstrative pronoun or adjective'that' is those . Example for the demonstrative pronouns: I suggest you buy that because those are more expensive. Example for the adjectives: That car is less expensive than those cars .

What is the plural possessive for pants?

The plural form of the noun pant (a short quick breath) is pants. The plural possessive form is pants' . Example: His pants' quickness told me that he had run far. The noun pants (a garment) is a shortened form of a pair of pants. The plural form is pairs of pants. The plural possessive form isp ( Full Answer )

What is the plural for me?

The word 'me' is the first person, objective, singular personalpronoun. The first person, objective, plural personal pronoun is us . Examples: Mom made a sandwich for me . (singular) Mom made sandwiches for us . (plural)

Why are pants called pants and not a pant?

Because Medieval britches consisted of two separate pieces, one foreach leg, that only became one garment when they were beltedtogether at the waist. English speakers are fairly unique in still using the ancientplural form. Many other languages use a singular form for'trousers'.