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To My Sister

Leave your books behind and come forth outdoors into the world of Nature, so urges Wordsworth to his sister Dorothy on the first mild day of March.

With the onset of Spring there is a joy pervading all Nature, throbbing with new life after the bleak bareness of winter. The harbinger of Sprng is the robin perching on the larch tree outside the poet's door. The objects of Nature now have both silent and noisy communion with each other. The pleasant air brings a blessing to trees and mountains and the grass.

The poet invites his sister to come with him from the breakfast-table into Nature outdoors. He wishes that she would "come forth and feel the sun". She should wear her woodland dress to harmonize with the simple current of joy that pulsates through both Nature and the poet's being. On this day she should take a holiday from domestic chores, and they should celebrate the awakening of life in Spring in open communion with the elemental forms of Nature.

Love, now a universal birth,

From heart to heart is stealing,

From earth to man, from man to earth:

It is the hour of feeling.

In such a time one intense moment may store up treasures within us that bookish labor could never produce. The deep impressions left on our mind by the vibrant forces of Nature will guide us in future years. Here the poem builds towards the sublime in a peception of "the blessed power" that frames the human soul to love. It is an affirmation of personal and cosmic integrity.

The advent of Spring so enraptures Wordsworth that he wishes to have a new calendar with the dating device to be regulated by the procession of seasons headed by Spring.

Wordsworth here advocates wise-passiveness, that is, the world of feeling alone without judging, in Man's contact with Nature. The poem has thus a close affinity with his poems "Expostulation and Reply" and "The Tables Turned". Wordsworth and his sister would abandon themselves into the flow of Nature which rolls about, below and above.

The poem has its specific message directly stated. Its tone is jovial, but its purpose is serious.

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"To your Sister" by William Wordsworth is a poem that celebrates the bond between siblings, particularly the relationship between a brother and a sister. The poem expresses sentiments of love, protection, and admiration for the sister, emphasizing the enduring connection between family members. It serves as a tribute to the special and unique relationship that exists between siblings.

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Q: What is the poem To your Sister by William Wodsworth about?
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