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Limewire IS legal. Just don't download copyrighted material. * Limewire can be used for sharing and downloading many types of files other than music.

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Q: What is the point of LimeWire if you can't download music legally?
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How do you put music from itunes onto LimeWire?

You just have to point Limewire to the folder in which you are currently storing your music through the Limewire preferences.

Where can a person go to download LimeWire version four point twelve point six?

nowhere better than limewire

I deleted LimeWire then downloaded it again andnow it doesn't work what happened?

Information below is invaild since Limewire has been shut down for a period of time:Did you download it from the LImeWire official site? LimeWire software from other sites so frequently acts as a Trojan injector for malware that it's won the award as the most dangerous download.If you didn't get it from the LImeWire site (which seems uncompromised at this point), consider a virus scan.

A song from LimeWire doesn't work do you delete it and download again?

I have limewire so you can trust my answer mostly!~!~!~! YES, if you really would like to have that song or you need it for something you will have to delete it i mean if it doesnt work of coarse you should delete it otherwise there is no point having it!~!~!~! DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN AND HOPE IT WORKS THIS TIME LOL

Is it acceptable to ask a question on how to find free online music?

In my point of view, Yes. But in the governments point of view (if you are going to download it) No.

How can you download Microsoft Word?

Legally, you cannot download Microsoft Word but there are alternatives. You can go to and download a completely free Office Suite that will have everything you need including : Word Processor Power Point Excel and much more !

How can people get caught using LimeWire?

Every computer in the world (connected to the internet, that is) has a special "number" called an "IP Address" sortof like a phone number, or physical address. When your computer is connected to a p2p program (in this case, limewire) People you download music from, and also people who download music from you, can see your IP Address. Once they have that address you can go to the internet and pin-point the exact location of the IP Address (your physical address) Thus, finding you, thus considering yourself...."Caught" if you don't want to get caught (probably a good thing) then either, 1. Dont download off of limewire 2. Invent a way to block your IP Address.....or 3. ....DONT DOWNLOAD!!! or 4. Go to websites like YouTube and find the song you want, then RECORD it yourself...and then dont put it in a shared folder that other people have access to. Actually, you a very very very slim chance of ever getting caught if you: 1. create a new folder, and select limewire to share ONLY that folder 2. create a new folder, and select limewire to download ONLY to that folder. 3. throw a bunch of random stuff in the folder to be shared (like make a bunch of word documents with gibberish or something that isn't illegal to share) It is still illegal to download pirated music, but you likely won't get in trouble. Only people who share the stuff regularly get caught doing anything.

How do you get your old LimeWire files back that you lost?

If you have recently lost your LimeWire files, you can use system restore under the open tab. This will restore your computer to the point where you had the files.

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When did POINT Music end?

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Where can you dowload free mp3 music?

Create a Spotify Free account and you can enjoy songs for totally free. But to download songs from Spotify Free account, it's better use a tool, NoteBurner Spotify Music Downloader to help you get Spotify songs offline. And, it will also remove ads from the platform :)

Why wont iTunes play music while LimeWire can?

iTunes is a service provided by Apple which enables you to find artists, songs, movies, podcasts, and tv shows. iTunes lets you preview songs instead of playing them because if you were able to play the songs whenever you wanted to there would be no point of buying them. That said, iTunes lets those who possibly intend on buying media preview what they may buy. The LimeWire store (and most other legitimate download stores such as Amazon) operate in the same way. If you are downloading music with the limeWire software then the chances are that it is being provided illegally and you are leaving yourself open to prosecution for doing so. To quote LimeWire's own advice: Your activities on peer-to-peer networks such as LimeWire may be monitored by copyright owners. Violation of copyright laws may subject one to substantial money damages. Copyright owners have sued thousands of people for infringement of copyright over peer-to-peer networks.

How do you get to lol limewire?

Easy, by the way, its so catchy your going to end up looking at your screen forever, type in lol limewire in Google BUT DONT CLICK SEARCH! click I'm feeling lucky on the same bar as lol limewire, and it goes on until you exit out or go to another website or you get the point

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at the bottom of the main title screen there is a music store (or some such similar name) from the choose "songs" or "albums" etc when you find a song you like and wish to download simply selct download then wait while it is saved to your hard drive, once done you can play it. to acces the music store you will need gold membership to access it and to download the song itself you will need Microsoft point generally 140 or 440 for a pack of 3 and in eccess of 880 for a album.

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