What is the polyadenylation mechanism?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What is the polyadenylation mechanism?
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Where does polyadenylation occur?

Polyadenylation occurs at the 3' end (the back) of an mRNA strand in the nucleus of the cell. This act of polyadenylation creates a polyadenine (polyA) tail. mRNA cannot leave the nucleus of the cell unless polyadenylation occurs. PolyA tails seem to protect integrity of the mRNA molecule, which is exposed to multiple proteins that can degrade it once shipped to the cytoplasm

Where does polyadenylation take place?

PolyA (as a process) takes place in nucleus. Polyadenylated mRNA is exported to cytoplasm afterwards.

What happens to mRNA when it leaves a ribosome?

in prokaryote cells RNA directly translated by ribosomes but in eukaryote we have capping polyadenylation and splicing befor translation

What is the function of snRNA?

Small nuclear RNA forms complexes with proteins to form snRNPs; involved in RNA splicing, polyadenylation reactions and other unknown functions.

What are the three main ways through which an mRNA strand is modified between transcription and translation?

5' processing - capping 3' processing - cleavage and polyadenylation RNA splicing RNA editing

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