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In October, 2009, the population of China is estimated at 1,319,175,330 (1.3 billion).

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Q: What is the population of China in 2009?
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Are there more people in Texas than china?

Definitely not. ____ No, not even close in population. Population of Texas in 2009 @ 24,782,302 Population of China in 2009 @ 1,324,655,000

What is the population if china in 2009?

1,338,612,968 (est. July 2009)

What is china's populaion in 2009?

In October, 2009, the population of China is estimated at 1,319,175,330 (1.3 billion).

The population density of China in 2009?


What country has the largest population in world in 2009?


What is the population of Beijing China?

The estimated population of Beijing, China as of 2009 was 12.46 million people. China's total population as of 2014 is estimated to be 1.36 billion people.

What was the population of china in 1991?

In the year 1991 the population of China was 1,158.2 million people. In 2009, the population soared to 1,334.7 million people.

Is Great Britain population bigger than China's?

No. Britain is much smaller. 2009 Estimated population of the UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) = 61,612,300 2009 Estimated population of China = 1,337,837,512

What is the population of china as of December 2009?

1,335,070,000 (1.3 Billion) which is 19.65% of the worlds population

What is the population of China 2009?

1,306,313,812-2009. 12 million babies are born each year.

What is the population of China in 2008?

According to the report announced by National Bureau of Statistics of China in February 26th 2009, the total population of China at the end of 2008 is 1.32802 billion.

Which coutry has the highest population?

The country that has the highest population is China it has a population of 1,338,612,968 on July 2009. there is 140,877,745 of male and female 124,290,090.

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