What is the population of Vanuatu?

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The population vanuatu is 211,971 according to Google wow a lot of people on a small island TRUE FACT TRUST ME!!!! by a girl.

According to the CIA World Factbook July 2009 estimates the population is about 218,519.
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Where is deforestation in vanuatu?

Answer . Loging in Vanuatu is a limited industry. There is some loggin on the main Island of Efate and also Santo. Apart from that login is very limited.. I know someone who has a sandlewood industry there. It's pretty big because there isn't a competition there.

Is there a Christmas in Vanuatu?

Quote from website linked below: In Vanuatu, the Christmas - New Year Holiday is celebrated with true gusto combined with an unique South Pacific take on European customs.

Where is Vanuatu?

It is an Island in the Pacific ocean. Its in the Gilbert & Ellis islands. it is on the international date line. South Pacific Islands is where Vanuatu is located

Where are some places to stay in Vanuatu?

Depends where you want to stay, in Port Vila the 3 majors hotels are Le Lagon, Le Meridien, Iririki, and then there is plenty of mid to small places for all budgets...

How far is Australia from Vanuatu?

The distance from Australia to vanuatu is 12,345. The distance from Australia to vanuatu is 12,345. The distance from Australia to vanuatu is 12,345

What sort of climate does vanuatu have?

tropical; moderated by southeast trade winds from May to October; moderate rainfall from November to April; may be affected by cyclones from December to April

Can you volunteer in vanuatu?

Yes through VSA (Volunteer Services Abroad) there are currently 8 people working as volunteers in Vanuatu. My friend is working in Santo setting up schools. She is keeping a blog about it called no room for dinosaurs vanuatu volunteer blog

What countries can Vanuatu citizen go?

More and more countries wants the latest passport with electonic stuff, Ni Vanuatu passport are written by hand...for sure you cannot get into the US...

Is Vanuatu in Tonga?

Vanuatu (IPA: /ˌvɑːnuːˈɑːtuː/), officially the Republic of Vanuatu (French: République de Vanuatu ), is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago is some 1,750 km (1,090 mi) east of northern Australia, 500 km (310 mi) north-east of New Caledo ( Full Answer )

What continant is Vanuatu on?

Vanuatu is an island nation in the south Pacific north and east of Australia. It is not on a continent.. There's a map and more information available at the Wikipedia article on Vanuatu. Oh, and you'll need a link. Got one for ya.

How long to fly Perth to Vanuatu?

takes 4-5 hours to get to Sydney from Perth (Subject to verification) then from Syd to Port Vila 3:30, and back Port Vila to Syd it is longer because of front wind 3:50

What is there to do in vanuatu?

Snorkling, scuba diving, boat tours, cascade tours, jungle tours, Island tours, helicoter tours... then Drinking Kava...and getting to meet the locals...Vanuatu has the best meat on earth 100% organic.... Vanuatu is not so much a shopping destination, it is a place where you go to relax...

What do the native vanuatu people eat?

Natives of Vanuatu peel yams for their Lap-Lap meal consisting of milk and yam and pig shreads, baked over a live fire wrapped in banana leaf! Yummmmmmmmmmmy! It seems as though they eats this daily according to a live documentary on MTV.

Vanuatu in which continent?

Not a continent-but a group of islands. Usually referred to as partof Oceania. Note Vanuatu is a Melanesian nation - notPolynesian as per the above photo!

What are the 3 main islands of vanuatu?

Efate also called Vate is the main island with the capital Port Vila. Santo and Tanna would be considered as the most popular with tourist after Efate...

Are x-rated dvds legal in Vanuatu?

No they are not, and same goes for print material of the sort...in theory that's how it goes, but the reality is othherwise...

Animals in Vanuatu?

Pacific boa, iguana, and locla lizards, bats and flying foxes,several endemic birds etc. No native land mammals.

What languages are spoken in Vanuatu?

Bichelamar [Bislama] also mistakenly known as Pidgin English is themost used, as each Islands and villages have their own dialects. People from different islands communicating together would useBichelamar, but there are 3 officials language in Vanuatu:Bichelamar [Bislama], French and English. Each ( Full Answer )

What do people in vanuatu eat?

natives of Vanuatu peel yams for their lap-lap meal it has milk, yam, and pig shreads in it and is baked over a live fire and then wrapped in a banana leaf.

What do native vanuatu people celebrate?

We celebrate every holidays like you do. We celebrate our Independence day which we got on the 30 July 1980 and is celebrated every year. We also celebrate our birthdays like you do as well as the Easter and Christmas holidays. We celebrate the harvesting of new yams, weddings, graduations, annivers ( Full Answer )

Vanuatu belongs to which country?

Vanuatu is a country, it doesn't belong to any country. It was colonised by both the French and the British, but is now independent. Oceania (previous answer) is a region, not a country. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oceania) . Oceania, it is a group of islands in the South Pacific Oc ( Full Answer )

Who is the President of Vanuatu?

Iolu Abil is the President of Vanuatu. He became the 7th President of Vanuatu on 2009 September 2.

What are the provinces of Vanuatu?

The provinces of Vanuatu are like the states in the US or provinces in Canada. The names of the provinces are derived from the letters of the names of the islands in that province.. Example: PENAMA (PENecost, AMbae, MAewo) islands. Maybe this helps.

How does Vanuatu get there food?

Before contact with the West, staple foods included yam, taro, banana, coconut, sugarcane, tropical nits, greens, pigs, fowl and seafood. Rural people typically produce most of what the eat, supplementing this with luxury foods (rice and tinned fish) purchased in stores.

Who owns bred bank Vanuatu?

BRED ( Vanuatu ) Limited is a subsidiary of French bank " BRED Banque Populaire". BRED Bank Populaire has operations in Europe and in Asia ... www.rbv.gov.vu/ VanuatuBank s.htm - Cached - Similar -

Who are the famous people in Vanuatu?

I've been trying to figure it out. Through all the research done I could not find any, I am still searching. I guess it is not a highly known country, as it has lest celebrities. I know this doesn't help, but it is the truth.

What is the national sport of Vanuatu?

ive herd that it is football but not American football like soccer i read that on wikipedia but i don't know wether to trust it or not cuz im doing a project on it right now that is how i foud this and i was hoping that it had an awnser

Is vanuatu on the tropic of cancer?

Vanuatu is an island off the northeast coast of Australia, andlocated in the Tropic of Capricorn. Vanuatu lies 2,848 miles southof the Tropic of Cancer.

What is the dominant religion of Vanuatu?

The main religion is Christianity; with the largest denomination being Presbyterian; there are also large Catholic and Anglican communities; and many other smaller denominations.

How did vanuatu get its name?

Late 1979 The late Fr Walter lini decided Vanua" Tu" would be theright name to replace the New Hebredis. "Vanua" is derived from the Austonesian language of the Ragadialect spoken on Pentecost meaning an Island. "Tu" would meanstanding up forever"

Who is the Prime Minister of Vanuatu?

Moana Carcasses Kalosil is the Prime Minister of Vanuatu. Kalosil became the Prime Minister of Vanuatu on 2013 March 23, becoming the first naturalized citizen to hold this position.

Is Vanuatu in New Zealand?

New Zealand is not a part of any continent. Vanuatu is also not part of any continent. The two are quite separate and distinct groups of islands, approximately 2,939km or 1,826 miles apart. There are seven large landmasses on Earth that are commonly regarded as Continents - there is no strict crite ( Full Answer )

How do you get a Vanuatu seaman's book?

Que paso le sigue a llenar los formularios Medico Y Profesinal? Hay que enviarlos a alguna direccion y a traves de que medio se debe hacer?

What are some traditional foods from vanuatu?

Its lap lap definatley its got : . Coconut milk . Island cabbage (optional) . Taro or manioc or cooking bananas . For something different use a mix of any two above ingredients. Or add sweet potato (kumala) with your manioc. . Banana leaves for wrapping You grate manioc and make it into a pas ( Full Answer )

What is the life expectancy of Vanuatu?

Life expectancy. Vanuatu . Urban. Rural. Male. Female. 1999. 67.3. 71.9. 65.9. 65.6. 69. Note that these are the official LE of the Vanuatu National Statistics Office which will be updated once the data from the 2009 Census of Population and Housing is available

Does vanuatu celebrate Christmas?

well if you believe in santa , santa is there! :) if you dont hes not! the presents which u get on x mas is a proof that santa is there!:P

What is the zip code for Port Vila in Vanuatu?

Vanuatu does not have ZIP Codes, nor postal codes of any kind. Also, the term "ZIP Code" applies only to addresses in the UnitedStates or in the Philippines.

How do you say Vanuatu in Bislama?

Vah-noo-ah-too, all syllables same length, don't draw it out. People from Vanuatu are ni-Vanuatu, not Vanuatuans (as is sometimes referred to)

What is the vanuatu capital name?

Port Vila is the capital and largestcity of Vanuatu, an island nation located in the South PacificOcean.