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The population of Scunthorpe, United Kingdom is 72514 according to the GeoNames geographical database.

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Q: What is the population of scunthorpe?
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How many people live in scunthorpe?

72514 people live in Scunthorpe

When was scunthorpe founded?

scunthorpe was founded in 1899

When was Scunthorpe Barbarians created?

Scunthorpe Barbarians was created in 2006.

When was Scunthorpe Saints created?

Scunthorpe Saints was created in 2008.

When was Scunthorpe Scorpions created?

Scunthorpe Scorpions was created in 2005.

When was Scunthorpe Telegraph created?

Scunthorpe Telegraph was created in 1937.

What places ending in Thorpe in the UK?

One example... Copmanthorpe - a town to the south-west of the city of York.

When was Scunthorpe United F.C. created?

Scunthorpe United F.C. was created in 1899.

When was Scunthorpe General Hospital created?

Scunthorpe General Hospital was created in 1929.

When was Scunthorpe railway station created?

Scunthorpe railway station was created in 1928.

What year did ian botham play for scunthorpe united?

He played for Scunthorpe Utd. in 1980.

Where is Scunthorpe?

Scunthorpe is a town in North Lincolnshire, England, located on the south side of the Humber estuary.