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What is the population of watsonville?


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there are 300 people living in watsonville for know


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Watsonville was officially founded in 1868

Watsonville is only 26 miles from Monterey.

no ,because Watsonville is to small and doesnt have enough money to run one

The airport code for Watsonville Municipal Airport is WVI.

Brenda Buttner graduated from Watsonville High School in Watsonville, CA in 1979.

The address of the Redman Foundation is: Po Box 2526, Watsonville, CA 95077-2526

The address of the Main Library is: 275 Main St., Suite 100, Watsonville, 95076 4695

The address of the Art Conservation And Restoration is: 47 Eaton Ave, Watsonville, CA 95076

The address of the Agricultural History Project is: Po Box 1181, Watsonville, CA 95077-1181

no it is not a good school

The address of the Pajaro Valley Arts Council is: Po Box 623, Watsonville, CA 95077-0623

The address of the William H Volck Museum is: Po Box 623, Watsonville, CA 95077-0623

Yeah. Step dance company near airport.

It is 96.4 miles according to Google Maps.

yes he did. watsonville high school wildcats class of 03.

Bill Blackbeard died on March 10, 2011, in Watsonville, California, USA.

Natasha Bobo was born on February 11, 1980, in Watsonville, California, USA.

Aimee Sapp was born on April 6, 1977, in Watsonville, California, USA.

Connie Valenzuela died on October 18, 1987, in Watsonville, California, USA.

Tote Du Crow was born in 1858, in Watsonville, California, USA.

Joel Fabiani was born on September 28, 1936, in Watsonville, California, USA.

Grant George was born on May 19, 1971, in Watsonville, California, USA.

Roger Kern was born on June 22, 1948, in Watsonville, California, USA.

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