What is the position of Presidency University in private university ranking in Bangladesh?

Actually there are no rankings of private universities in Bangladesh by any proper authorities or Government. But according to the following criteria the universities ranking may sorting as follows in Bangladesh:


(1) Universities activities concentrated to students proper education parallel to international standardize.
(2) Number of PHD holders Teachers
(3) Achievement of global and local endowed activities
(4) After graduation students enrollment rate to multinational or brand corporate or high Entrepreneurship.
(5) Comparable less education cost
(6) Number of universities collaborated with in abroad
(7) Number of Scholarship facilities
(8) Number of Graduate Scholars output
(9) well equipped modern infrastructure facilities campus, faculty, lab, classroom etc.
(10)Governing Bodies around with number of Erudite personalities.

Universities Ranking:

(1) North South University (NSU)
(2) American International University ( AIUB)
(3) East West University (EWU)
(4) Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)
(5) Brack University(BU)
(6) United International University (UIU)
(7) Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology(AUST)
(8) Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT)