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What is the postal code of Toronto Ontario Canada?

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There are thousands of postal codes in the greater Toronto area. If you have the complete address, you can look up codes at the link below.

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The Postal Code for Harrowsmith, Ontario Canada is: K0H 1V0

There is many differents postal codes in Toronto. You must provide a specific address to find the one you need. You can seach that information on the Canada post website.

There are no "zip copes" in Canada nor in Ontario. They are called Postal Codes, and there is not one postal code for the province of Ontario.

What is the postal code for Barrie, Ontario Canada

Type your answer here... lahore postal coad

Canada does not have "zip" codes. Canada uses a "postal code" system. A postal code contains three letters and three single digit numbers. First there is a letter, followed by a single digit number, followed by a letter. Then there is a space. Following the space is a single digit number, followed by a letter, followed by a single digit number. The genius of the postal code is that it allows mail to be sorted right to the individual street block or, in many cases, right to the individual building. As such, the Province of Ontario would have hundreds of thousands, perhaps over a million postal codes. All postal codes in Ontario, Canada, begin with the letters K, L, M, N, or P. Postal codes beginning with M are exclusively within the city of Toronto.

There is more than one postal code in Stratford. You could get it from Canada Post website, by providing the full address you are looking for.

I presume you mean Heintzman Street near Keele St and Dundas St West. If that's the case the postal code is M6P 1Y7.

what is postal code for springland dr Ottawa ont

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Eastern Time Zone

Toronto has thousands of postal codes. They all begin with the letter "M."

Toronto is in Canada. Zip codes are assigned only to places served by the United States Postal Service. The proper term is "Postal Code". There are 20 postal codes listed for Toronto. Go to the link below and put in the address to narrow that list down.

Area code 647 is the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in an overlay on area code 416.

Canada is in country code +1 (North America = USA, Canada, and a variety of islands in or near the Caribbean). Toronto, Ontario, is in area code +1 416, with overlay code +1 647. Those area codes cover only the city of Toronto itself; the suburbs use +1 905 and +1 289.

196 Woodhall Rd Markham, ON L3S 1M5, Canada

Toronto doesn't use zipcodes but uses postal codes. Most postal codes in Toronto start with the letter 'M'

The postal code is M2K 3C1.You can find postal codes for any Canadian address by going to the Canada Post website and using their Postal Code lookup.

V9R to V9V Is Nanaimo's Postal code.

There are several thousand different postal codes in Canada. You must be very specific on the location for which the postal code that you are inquiring about.For example.Windsor, Nova Scotia - the postal code is: B0N 2T0

Not found on Canada Post website. Suggest you phone Canada Post or visit your local post office.

The country code and area code of Ontario, Canada is 1, (1+)519.

Canada does not have just one single postal code, as it is a large country with many municipalities and counties that have their own postal codes. You need the city name and address to find the postal code. Please see the related link below to find a specific postal code within Canada.

The postal code for Pembroke is K8A 0C5.