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Solar energy is an energy harnessed from the sun. According to researches, Malaysia has great potential in harnessing solar energy; in fact Malaysia is already keen to develop solar energy as one of their largest source of energy.

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Is solar energy kinetic or potential energy?


Is solar energy potential energy?

yes sunlight is a form of potential energy

Is solar energy kinetic or potential?

Solar energy is defined as radiant energy. Radiant energy is electromagnetic energy that travels in transverse waves. There are differences in opinion on whether radiant energy is potential or kinetic energy.

What is the energy used in the solar cell?

gravitational potential energy

Why is solar energy potential and not kinetic?

I would classify it as kinetic - not potential - because it is energy related to the movement of the photons.

What are more examples of energy transformation?

Potential to kinetic kinetic to potential Thermal to solar

True or false Solar energy is difficult to store?

Solar energy is impossible to store. Normally we try to use it straight away, or convert it into a storable form of energy such as chemical potential or electrical potential.

The energy names?

Elastic (or strain) potential energy Chemical potential energy Gravitational potential energy Light (or solar) energy Sound energy Heat (or thermal) energy Electrical energy (or electricity) Kinetic (or movement) energy Nuclear energy

What is an example of a kinetic energy transforming into a gravitational potential energy?

what is an example of a solar energy to to kinetic energy

Why does potential energy increase the higher you go?

solar power

How can planets billions of years ago become potential energy?

By the solar energy of the son

Slogans on solar energy conservation?

A slogan for solar energy conservation could be, "Without the sun we can't exist!" "Solar power: Maintain clean energy," is also a potential slogan.

Is solar kinetic energy or potential?

It is potential energy . because heat dose not move unless you heat it up enough to turn it to a liquid.

Name 5 forms of energy mention your book?

solar energy,nuclear energy,chemical energy,hydro energy,potential energy

What are potential sources of energy on Pluto?

The potential sources of energy on Pluto is the sun as it is part of the solar system. The helium nucleus in the planet also serve as a main source of energy.

Why should solar energy be considered as an alternative to fossil fuels?

Solar energy is a potential alternative for fossil fuels. It is a renewable source of energy and will be available as long as the sun lasts.

What is the energy from the sun called?

solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy

What are the six forms of enegry?

chemica enegry, electrical energy mechanical energy solar energy kinetic energy potential energy nuclear energy

Does solar panel have potential energy?

If it is off of the ground then yes, because it could gain energy by falling.

Which type of energy is released in chemical reactions kinetic solar or potential?


8 different types of energy?

heat energy,wind energy,electric energy,potential energy,kinetic energy,muscular energy,chemical energy,solar energy

What has the author Adnan Shihab-Eldin written?

Adnan Shihab-Eldin has written: 'Potential for solar energy utilization in Kuwait' -- subject(s): Solar energy

What is The energy of position or place?

Potential energy.Potential energy.Potential energy.Potential energy.

What are 3 forms of energy in photosynthesis?

It starts with solar energy, Then it becomes glucose- chemical energy- And is then stored so (I think) it becomes potential energy :)

What is potential of solar energy in Pakistan?

10milliom kwh per capita per year

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