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The fox has a primary predator is man, who hunts and traps it, as well as drives it off or strips it of habitat. In the wild, bobcats, lynxes, panthers, and wolves will take down a fox if they are able, and the bear or wolverine will kill a fox if it can, though the fox is generally too quick and wily. The young of the fox are vulnerable to larger Birds of Prey where the adults are not such easy marks and are generally avoided.

In general, any larger predator will tackle any fox that is found within its range. That's the general rule of thumb - the larger predator will prey on a smaller predator if the opportunity presents itself. Bears, larger canines, or any large cat can be trouble for a fox, as can any large bird of prey.

Owls are one of the predators that eat these foxes.

red foxes predator

bears, lions and many other big predatory animals

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Q: What is the predator of the fox?
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An Arctic fox is a predator as well as a prey item.

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Yes, a gray fox is a predator and, sometimes, a prey item.

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The Arctic fox is both predator as well as prey.

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A fox

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A fox is a predator because it eats rabbitsFoxes are predators and hunt but they can also scavenge.

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An Artic Fox can be prey, but it is mostly a prdator.

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red fox, sometimes grey fox

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Yes, the fox's predator is a human.

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Fox bats preditors are snakes

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the polar bear

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a rabbaita rabbait

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The relationship of predator(fox) and prey(rabbit)

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Yes because a Predator is an animal that hunts its prey.

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Foxes are omnivorous and considered a predator.

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