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What is the predominant religion of South America?


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Catholic is the predominant religion in south America

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Catholicism is the predominant religion in most of South America, and Argentina is no exception.

Christianity would be the predominant religion.

The predominant religion in Latin America is Roman Catholicism, introduced by the Spanish Conquistadors.

Roman Catholic, though some people follow ancient Inca beliefs.

A large majority of South Americans are Christians, and the predominant denomination is Roman Catholic.

Like most of South America, the predominant religion in Brazil is Roman Catholic.

Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion of Latin America. It is not a denomination.

The predominant religion in Panama is Catholicism, as it is throughout Latin America.

The predominant religion in the countries south of the United States (i.e. Latin America) is Roman Catholicism. The predominant languages are Spanish and Portuguese. However, there are many other religious groups and languages in the region in addition to these.

The same as in all of Latin America: Christianity.

Libya's predominant religion is Islam.

North, South America and Europe.

Christianity is Switzerland's predominant religion (82%).

The type of religion in South America is Roman Catholic ;)

what is the most common religion in south america

Catholic.Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion of Ireland.

Buddhism is the predominant religion in the Indochina peninsula.

Yes, the dominant religion is Catholicism in South America.

Since there is no permanent population on the continent, no 'predominant religion' exists.

No, it is not even close to being the predominant religion in North America. North America is between 70-80% Christian. With the next largest religion being Judaism(probably less than 10%), then Islam (probably less than 3%).

When the encyclopedia says most Latin Americans are Christians, it means that the predominant religion in Latin America is Christian. This region generally includes both South America and Central America.

The predominant religion in the New York colony was Protestant Christianity.

Catholicism. The state in South America that has the highest percentage of this religion is Venezuela with 96%

The main religion in both North and South America is Christianity.

Christianity, but, there is Freedom of Religion.

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