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In what situation? Telephones?

Answer: NONA-9

Yup. A nine-sided polygon is called a nonagon (or enneagon).

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Q: What is the prefix for number 9?
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Prefix number 9?


What is the numerical number for the prefix nano?

The prefix "nano" = 1/1,000,000,000 indicates 10^-9 or a billionth.

What is the Prefix for 9?

The prefix for 9 is Nona-

What is the prefix of 9?

The prefix of 9 is "non" For example, a nonagon is a two-dimensional shape with 9 sides.

What is the prefix for the number 3?

There is no special SI prefix for the number 3.

What number indicates the prefix bi?

The prefix Bi- represents the number 2.

How do you dial telephone numbers in Spain?

All telephone numbers in Spain are 9 digits. Within Spain, just dial the 9-digit number. From outside Spain, prefix the 9-digit number with telephone country code +34. On a mobile phone, just dial +34 and then the 9-digit number. On a landline phone, substitute your international access prefix (depends on where you are calling FROM) for the plus symbol.

What is 10 E-9?

it is 1093847398769876296490862.38746593874651765495184659847650176..1498265498762843756026780487503249689048574-31498570942698475098247698576-348757-9456975760984576896498756t45629456329874325643. dome gogndg

How many digits in a French telephone number?

A telephone number in France has 9 digits. As dialed within France, you dial a trunk prefix (usually 0), followed by the 9-digit number, for a total of 10 digits. From outside France, you dial your international access prefix (most commonly 00, but many countries use other prefixes), plus country code +33, plus the 9-digit number. On a GSM mobile phone, you can dial +33 (including the plus sign) and the 9-digit number.

How many nanometers make a meter in scientific notation?

The prefix "nano" means ten to the power minus 9. A meter therefore has 10 to the power 9 nanometers; a number which in English is usually called a "billion". The same conversion applies to other places where the prefix "nano" appears - for example, second versus nanosecond.

What is the prefix for 9 as in 9 babies at a time?

nona, or ennea

What could a prefix and suffix for number?

Renumber is a prefix numbered is a suffix

What is the prefix for number?


What unit is a number that does not include a metric prefix?

A pure number: ai integer, a rational number, an irrational number. 7.3, for example, does not include a metric prefix.

How much is a meter covert into a kilometer?

You divide the number of meters by 1000. The prefix "kilo" means 1000.You divide the number of meters by 1000. The prefix "kilo" means 1000.You divide the number of meters by 1000. The prefix "kilo" means 1000.You divide the number of meters by 1000. The prefix "kilo" means 1000.

What is the number value for the prefix hecto?

The number value for the prefix, hecto, is one hundred. This prefix came from the Ancient Greek language. It is not widely used in the United States.

How many corners does a nonagon?

9. The prefix nona means 9.

What is a prefix for integer?

One prefix for integer is "non-". The result, noninteger, means a number that is not an integer.

What does prefix nano stand for in maths?

The SI nano- prefix means x 10-9

Does a prefix indicate location time or number?


What is the number 10000000000000000000000000000000000000?

1036 This number has no SI prefix.

How many number of atoms does the prefix TRI have?

The prefix tri- means three.

What country is this phone number from 00 886 9?

'00' isn't part of the country code, it is a commonly used international access prefix. Country code +886 is Taiwan(Republic of China), and +886 9 is a mobile number.

What year was the 22 9 shot model 922 HR serial number C610 pistol made?

"C" prefix indicates 1942

What is the age of a Browning Sweet Sixteen serial A 3939?

Please check your letter prefix to your serial number.FN of belguim who made these shotguns for browning never made a A prefix to the serial number for a sweet sixteen shotgun.The letter prefix used were X,R,S,or a single number with the S prefix,or a double number with a S prefix.