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What is the present and future tense of the word be?

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Present tense:

  • I am
  • We are
  • You are
  • He/She/It is
  • They are

The future tense is "will be".

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Both. Present tense: I/you/we/they get. Future tense: Will get.

No, get is present tense. The future tense is will get.

Future - will seek. Present - seeking.

The word "more" is not a verb and does not have a past, present, or future tense.

Present tense: I/you/we/they mean. He/she/it means. The present participle is meaning. Future tense: Will mean.

Present tense: leave Past tense: left Future tense: will leave

Come is the present tense, came is the past tense, and will come is the future tense.

Will eat is the future tense of eat (present tense).

Present and future tense. The past tense is fell. (the past participle is fallen)

Present tense of catch is catch only but present participle of catch is catching

Past tense - I harvested. Present tense - I harvest. Future tense - I will harvest.

Present tense: work/works/working Past tense: worked. Future tense: will work.

Present tense - walk/walks/walking Past tense - walked Future tense - will walk

Flee is present tense.

It can be used as present and future:I/you/we/they camp. He/she/it camps. (present)Will camp. (future)The past tense would be 'camped'.

Past tense - had. Present tense - have/has. Future tense - will have.

Past tense: Shone Present tense: Shining Future tense: Will Shine

Past: I/you/etc belonged, present: I/you/etc belong, future: I/you/etc will belong

Applied is the past tense of the verb apply. Past tense: I applied. Present tense: I apply. Future tense: I will apply.

its present tense ( missed and have missed r past and past perfect) ***miss can be used as a future tense too...

No. The word "are" is present or future tense. The past tense would be "were".

Leaves is the present tense.