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The present tense is:

  • I/You/We/They like.
  • He/She/It likes.
  • The present participle is liking.

The past tense is liked.

The past participle is liked.

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The present participle of "be" is "being" and the past participle is "been".

Being is the present participle. The past participle is been.

Lead is present tense. The present participle is leading. Led is the past tense and past participle.

The past tense and past participle is equipped; equipping is the present participle.

Present Participle of pull is pulling, past is pulled, and past participle is have pulled

The past participle is done. The simple past tense is did. The present participle is doing.

Present participle - winding Past participle - winded

The present participle is "sowing" and the past participle is "sown".

The present participle is swelling. The past participle is swelled.

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Begun is the past participle, and beginning is the present participle.

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talk is regular. The present participle is talking, the past participle is talked.

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Present participle - developing. Simple past - developed. Past participle - developed.

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The present participle if flying. The simple past tense is flew. The past participle is flown.

The present participle is laughing. The past tense is laughed. The past participle is laughed.

The past tense is bit. The present participle is biting. The past participle is bitten.

The present participle is hiding.The simple past tense is hid.The past participle is hidden.

Pulled is the past tense and past participle of pull. Pulling is the present participle.

Wrote is the past tense, written is the past participle, and writing is the present participle.