What is the pressure in a vacuum?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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There is no pressure in a vacuum, a vacuum is the absence of anything, there is nothing there to push.

Air from a pressurized space that becomes open to a vacuum may push you into the vacuum, but the vacuum itself does nothing as it is literally nothing.

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Q: What is the pressure in a vacuum?
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What does vacuum?

vacuum is the absense of pressure

What does vacuum mean?

vacuum is the absense of pressure

What is vacuum measured in?

vacuum is measured in pressure. To get a vacuum you need a negative pressure. that would be inches of mercury hg

Are pressure and vacuum inversely proportional or directly?

I am not sure if they are proportional, but they are inversely related. High pressure makes a low vacuum, and low pressure makes a high vacuum.

How is pressure used in vacuum cleaners?

Air pressure out of the vacuum's exhaust automatically creates a negative pressure (a vacuum) at the machines front end - that picks up the dirt.

Is a vacuum a force?

a vacuum is simply an empty or almost empty space. The forces that are apparent with vacuums are due to a pressure imbalance between the inside of the vacuum (low pressure) and the outside of the vacuum (high pressure) causing particles to want to migrate to areas of lower pressure. The effect of this pressure difference is often refered to as a vacuum force

What is a Vacuum in kilo pascal?

Depends on If it's absolute or relative. Vacuum in any unit is zero in absolute pressure. Vacuum in any unit is -normal air pressure in relative pressure.

What would be the exact pressure at ultra high vacuum?

The ultimate objective of a manufactured vacuum is zero pressure.The better the vacuum, the closer the pressure is to zero.

What doesn't a vacuum have?


What is pressure gauges and switches?

Many techniques have been developed for the measurement of pressure and vacuum. Instruments used to measure pressure are called pressure gauges or vacuum gauges.

What is 4.45 psi in a vacuum?

psi = pounds per square inch, a measure of pressure a vacuum is an absence of pressure.

How is vacuum pressure read?

You need a vacuum gauge and it is reed in inches.